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Drama at Oluchi Orlandi’s premiere of Africa’s Next Top Model

On Friday, November 8, 2013 Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi had the official launch of her much anticipated T.V show, Africa’s Next Top Model with Oluchi. The show which is the African version of international model, Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model held at Pravada Lounge, Victoria Island, Lagos. The event which was slated to start at 6:00pm was the launch of her show which also doubled as the airing of the of the premiere. It was supposed to kickoff at 7:15 with a press conference, preceding the show proper which was to begin at 8pm.

1-DSC_4298However, the star of the moment herself didn’t keep up to time as she only arrived a few minutes after 8 pm, and of course the press conference was inevitably cancelled. They were forced to go right ahead to the event proper. Even that didn’t go as smooth as expected. Unfortunately, just a few minutes into the viewing, there were hitches. The video was a bit scrambled, those in charge of the technicalities put the viewing on hold while they fixed the problem. While at it, the organisers thought that moment right to have the press conference right there in the middle of a crowd. Amidst loud voices, journalists started out their questions with Oluchi and after about two questions she thought she couldn’t handle it and she had her scouting director, Remi Adetiba answer about two questions for her, and then afterwards she just decided to walk out on the journalists right there and then with a crowd of people watching and listening. A lot of the press men around were rather angry at her behaviour. All she said was she was just there to party not to answer questions. It was at this point that the reporter from ENCOMIUM Weekly decided to leave the venue as it was already running late into the night. We believe they had a successful viewing and wonderful party afterwards.

Below are few of the questions she was able to answer before she walked out

1-DSC_4328What should those who would be watching Africa’s Next Top Model with Oluchi be expecting?

Have you seen any of the promos? Are you familiar with the show at all? It is the same thing.

You’ve been in the modelling scene for so long why did you choose now to start your own show?

The Next Top Model is like a franchise. We’ve got America’s Next Top Model where the original started, we’ve got UK Next Top Model, Australia Next Top Model, Germany Next Top Model, name it, it’s been done everywhere. So, if you ask me why now, I can’t really tell the answer that question because I have worked really hard.

The many variations of next top model is peculiar to countries, and not to the continent. Why are we not having Nigeria’s next top model, why Africa’s next top model?

Were you at our press conference during the scouting, or you just feel like having another chat? (to the reporter who asked the question). The fashion industry is really small on the continent of Africa, and in order for the show to be extremely interesting, it is better to have a joint next top model. If it’s just the individual countries, it’s boring, there would be no excitement. I like the fact that it is the whole continent, I would not have done it or be a part of it if it were just Nigeria. I like the idea that it’s the whole continent.

Remi Adetiba: I would like to add to that. The world see’s Africa as one big family, so what we did was bringing them all under one roof.


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