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Drama at P Square’s Omole residence over debt

-as Ikeja High Court issues injunction to seal residence
-“No, it wasn’t P Square’s house they came to seal, it was the neighbour’s” – P Square publicist debunk tale

There was intense drama at the Omole, Lagos residence of Africa’s foremost singing and dancing duo, P Square on Friday, February 19, 2016 as Ikeja High Court bailiffs and FSARS operatives attempted to seal the multimillion naira property.

The talented twin brothers were said to have defaulted on an agreement to perform at a show in January for which they were supposedly paid over N8m. The aggrieved client in a bid to recoup the money allegedly sued the duo at the Ikeja High Court, Lagos.

Encomium.ng visited the 178 Lola Holloway street, Omole Phase 1 property at around 10:15am and observed the heated arguments and shouting involving the bailiffs, FSARS and those living in the Okoye house at the main gate. Our correspondent spoke with a witness who revealed that the court sheriffs stormed the house at around 6:00am with FSARS operatives to seize the property following a court injunction but were resisted by the security, Paul, one half of the Okoye twins, and others living in the house. Another corroborated this claim, adding that a black BMW X6 belonging to the crooners was driven out of the compound to be taken away but was later driven back into the premises.

In the middle of the whole confusion, our correspondent spotted Paul driving out of the compound in the same BMW X6 at around 10:40am but returned at 11:10am shortly after the FSARS operatives had left the scene in their van, leaving only the court officials behind who were still having less heated discussions with some persons just outside the house.
Meanwhile, P Square’s publicist, Bayo Adetu has debunked the tale, saying that the bailiffs didn’t come for the pair’s house, but for their neighbour’s.
In a telephone chat with Encomium.ng, he said, “No, it wasn’t P Square’s house they came to seal, it was their neighbour’s. They came out in solidarity with them, that’s how they got involved.”


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