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Dreams Record officially unveils new acts,  Hypa

Tuesday, November 15, 2016, marked the birth of a new name in the Nigerian entertainment industry as Dreams Record officially unveiled their new acts, Hypa.

Hypa is made up of two talented brothers Ray and Jay. Born Ekemode Rasheed and Ekemode Omobolaji, the two brothers have been doing music for years before getting singed unto Dreams Record. Their tastes in afro-highlife music with a unique fusion have been influenced by top Nigerian music legends including King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer obey, Fela Kuti, among others.

In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Hypa talked about their experience in the music industry, how they signed unto Dreams Record among other issues. Also, Oni Ebenezer Kehinde, the founder and CEO of Dreams Record talked about his love for music, why he is pleased signing the talented duo Hypa and many more…


Tell us about your journey into music?

We are Ekemode Rasheed ‘Roy’ and Ekemode Omobolaji. We are brothers and we started music in Bariga, Lagos. We have a passion for music and we have been doing it for years. We started from recording with radio cassette in the house and our sound are influenced by Ebenezer obey, King Sunny Ade and the late Fela Anikulapo-kuti. Our kind of music is contemporary highlife. The journey has not been easy but we thank God. Dreams Record came at the right time. Our parents have always wanted us to graduate from school before music and we thank God we got signed to Dreams Record immediately we graduated from LASU.

How did you get signed on to Dreams Record?

It was like a talent hunt. We saw the advert online and we gave it a trial. When they heard our songs, they gave us a call and we went there with our lawyer to have a meeting and that’s where the journey began. We got the offer in September 2016, that was two months ago.

Describe the experience with Dreams Record in the last two months?

The last two months with Dreams Record has being awesome. It’s been a wonderful experience. We have been working relentlessly. We really thank the CEO of Dreams Record for his support and encouragement so far.

How do you intend to be relevant with so many talents already in the Nigeria music industry?

Our sound will definitely stand us out. We have a unique fusion of contemporary highlife. We are trying to bring back the old school to the new school. We are coming through in a very unique dimension and we believe we know that our fans will never be disappointed. We have recorded a lot of songs but we are starting off with our single, Alert which has really gained positive response since its release.


What inspired the single, Alert?

The inspiration for the song was back in our school days. We needed some money to survive. We called our parents to send us some money. They agreed to send but our phone were switched off. We could not receive the alert until later in the evening when we charged our phones and then received the alert of the money sent to us. That was how we got the inspiration for the song. So far, the reception has really been awesome.

Tell us about your deal with Dreams Record?

Dreams Record came with a better offer amidst other record labels. We signed a four year deal with Dreams Record and all we want now is for Nigerians to support our sound and show us love by downloading and sharing our song.



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