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‘Drop in power supply is affecting our businesses’ – Entrepreneurs cry

The incessant drop in electricity supply has spelt doom for the growth and development of business in Nigeria. This was also confirmed by the entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to.

They, however, charged the government in ensuring the power sector is fixed without further delay.



The perpetual drop in power supply is highly detrimental to the development and growth of business in Nigeria. As it is now, you can’t even plan anything based on the current epileptic power supply.

I run my shop with generator because we may not have light up to three hours during the day. It’s sad that our expectations from this administration might have been dashed. I appeal to those in charge of power sector, especially Babatunde Raji Fashola to find a solution to the problem in a way that will be convenient for the poor masses and will benefit all at the end of the day.


SHEDRACK IKEDUE, Shedico Global Concepts

I think this should be one of the harshest times for the average business person. The business climate has become almost unbearable, the pressure keeps piling up. We started the year experiencing unprecedented exchange rate, to constant fuel scarcity, now no light. Of course, it affects business. We spend more on fuel than we used to.



I can’t just understand the cause of this drop in electricity supply all the time. And the thing is really affecting my business. The money I spend on generator at times in a month can pay salaries of two or three of my workers. And when I can’t get fuel to power my generator, I need to take some of my jobs to business centres which also attract additional cost.

Now, there is no fuel, no light. I don’t even know where we’re going in this country. I will suggest the federal government concentrates on power sector and do everything to stabilize the supply of electricity so that businesses can grow across board.



The sharp drop in power supply has really affected the growing and operation of every business in the country. It brings more expenditure with low income or profit. The power sector should make a frantic move to let Nigerians know that it’s ready to serve the country.

We can’t continue like this. If the sector is not rescued in time, it will continue to slow down the situation of things, businesswise.



Perpetual drop in power supply is terrible to business. It is killing a lot of businesses in Nigeria coupled with fuel scarcity. If Disco is not willing to give light, there should be fuel to power our generators. It is really affecting business terribly. It affects profit and every other aspect. If not for the passion, persistence and the fact that a lot of business owners are focused, many would have quit business for long.

I buy fuel and ration it. What choice does one have. That is why some offices will not put on generator because of the persistent problem. Everything is in the hands of the government. They should make power supply regular. They should make fuel available and of cause, I don’t support the banning of importation of generator, be it small or big. Government is not supposed to introduce that until they fix power supply.



The perpetual drop in power supply has drastically affected my business negatively in all aspects. The cost of running my power generating set is sickening and to worsen it is the scarcity of fuel that came in along the line. I have to buy fuel from the black market and you can imagine the price compared to what it’s supposed to be.

It’s a total nightmare. I can’t imagine how the artisans are coping. My suggestion for the way forward is that the Minister of Power, Babtunde Raji Fashola should hasten the process of increasing the energy supply by working with honest investors. He himself should also discharge his duties with all sense of honesty.

Nigerians desperately need to feel and see this change we all voted for from his sector first. It’s when we’re enjoying stable power supply that we all can flow well. A lot of people are counting on him, and I pray he delivers as soon as possible.



The perpetual drop in power supply has affected m business seriously. It’s causing delay, extra cost and low productivity. I depend on generating set and the non availability of fuel brings extra cost and delay.

The only workable solution to help entrepreneurs and investors is to improve on power generation and distribution. People are ready to pay once it’s available, no matter the tariff.



It’s becoming unbearable, I don’t understand how the government expects small and medium scale businesses to survive without this very basic things. Without electricity, the average business will die a natural death. And not only do we not have electricity, we can’t get fuel to power the generator. How do you survive in such circumstance?

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