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Dutse: A city of ancient beauty

 “Dutse”, a Hausa word literally interpreted as “rock” is used to refer to the capital city of Jigawa state, one of the major states in northwestern Nigeria.

Historically one of the oldest urban centres within the old Kano State, it became a state capital in August 1991. With an estimated population of 153,000, Dutse is not only one of the largest cities within the state but in the entire region as well. Ninety-nine percent of Dutse’s population are Muslims making one of the largest islamic communities in the country and Hausa is the predominant language followed by Fulfude, Kanuri and Warji.

The city is endowed with fascinating features including hilly rocks, sand dunes, rivers, streams and economic trees all ripe for exploration! Despite the tension in the northwestern regions of the country, tourism has boomed as it has many cultural highlights as well as glamorous modern inclusions., Africa’s largest hotel booking portal takes you on a trip to discover the history, landscape and people who make this city a unique destination.




The Royal Golf Course and Nature Park in Dutse

Located about 3 kilometers from Dutse,  the Royal Golf Course and Nature Park, spearheaded by the Emir of Dutse, Alhaji Muhammadu Sunusi in an effort to promote ecotourism in the state and country at large, features a wide variety of  wildlife, flora, fauna and aquaculture attracting visitors from far and wide.


Dutse Museum of Culture and Arts

Inaugurated since 2000, the Dutse Museum of Culture and Arts collects and showcases a range of pieces and artefacts, from cultural objects including traditional Hausa and Fulani clothing to musical instruments, paintings and art, Hausa and Arabic literature, commerce and industrial materials, agricultural implements, native herbs and medicines, weaponry and  many others.


Dutse Emir’s Palace

The famous Emir’s Palace in Dutse is a major attraction center mostly as a result of its unique and rare blend of indigenous and contemporary architectural designs making it a state of the art building in the heart of Jigawa.



Exploring Dutse’s shopping districts is always a thrill for both visitors and inhabitants of the city. The Takur Site Shopping Hausa-Fulani-PeopleComplex is one of most famous municipal shopping centers within the city. On the other hand, some of the major markets around the city, including Maigatari, Gujungu and Sara, have been recently renovated and equipped with essential facilities including accessible roads, light and water, making it easier for people to visit and make purchases.



Deciding where to stay in Dutse is easy once you know the city’s layout. While the city is not classified as a luxury travel destination, there are still a large choice of places to relax and safely unpack your bags. These options range from budget hotels, to guest houses, hotel apartments and villas. The budget hotels start from as low as NGN 2,500 on, Africa’s largest Hotel booking portal as they offer the best guaranteed prices.



Dutse is a haven for the budget traveler as food is affordable for the adventurous traveler who is keen on sampling the assorted gastronomic delights available. While there are a few standard restaurants and fast food joints, most common are roadsidebukkahs and mama puts.



Agriculture is the main occupation of about 80% of the population, while millet and sorghum  largely form the staple food crops.


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