Dwindling economy affects daily food budgets – Nigerians lament

Food, no doubt, constitutes one of the highest household expenditure. The sudden hike in the prices of food stuff has taken it toll on Nigerians as food insecurity takes centre stage. Household consumption of food has changed dramatically following the economic crisis.

Nowadays, Nigerians feed daily on a low budget as many attributed the present economic situation in the country to the poor performance of the agricultural sector.

ENCOMIUM Weekly, in our recent chat with Nigerians on what their daily food budget was, revealed to us how the economic crunch has taken its toll on their daily food consumption, as they now feed regularly on a low budget.



Personally, I spend N500 on food daily. I spend mainly on bread, stew, fruits because that’s what I eat majorly nowadays. I don’t like buying food. I prefer to cook myself but the hike in the prices of foodstuff calls for calculation before cooking.



I spend N500 daily on food. The situation of the country calls for management. I hardly cook nowadays just because of the hike in the prices of foodstuff. What I eat mostly is roadside food. I spend N250 per meal and I buy the food twice in a day.



I’m a family man, but I hardly eat at home just because of my work. After providing food for my wife and children, I spend less than N800 on food daily. Before now, I used to spend more than that but everything in the country has changed.

What I eat mostly is rice. A plate is sold for N350 where I work, that’s what I eat twice a day.



Daily, I spend N300 on food because I don’t cook anymore. The only food I cook now is noodles and spaghetti. It doesn’t gulp much of my income. I’m not making much from my job. I have to keep small amount for food.



I spend N400 daily on food aside cooking. I don’t even think about cooking lately because you have to budget N3,000 and above to make pot of soup. Lately, what I eat is rice, beans and meat/fish. If I have enough, I give myself a treat with a bottle of soft drink. So, I don’t spend much on food these days.

The country is experiencing food insecurity, many households can no longer afford three square meals. The country needs prayer.



We are living a hard life in this country. People are hungry and lamenting. No food, I hardly eat what I wish these days. I have bought cassava flake (garri) in excess at home since that is what the government wants us to start eating. So, I don’t spend much daily on food.

I spend about N150 – N200 because garri is what serves me as food nowadays. We are hungry. The government needs to create policies that will regulate the economy and bring things back to normal.



I spend about N1,000 on food daily. What I eat most are soft drinks with bread. Sometimes, I buy food from road side sellers. Only the rich now cook in this country. People are struggling to survive. Now, I am beginning to think that the change we actually seek is here.



Lately, I eat just once or twice a day, so, I don’t spend much on food. I spend about N700 daily and what I eat most is pounded yam. A plate is N500 and I spend the remaining N200 on sausage rolls with soft drinks. I have learned to reduce what I eat and drink these days because of the situation of the country.

I no longer visit bars. I have reduced my alcohol consumption because I spend more on alcohol.



To buy a good delicacy now costs much in this country. What I eat most these days are cereals. I eat a lot of corn flakes. It doesn’t gulp much of my money and it doesn’t give me much stress to prepare. Daily, I spend about N500 on food. I think we need to practice more of agriculture in this part of the world, so things won’t get worse.



So far, I have learnt to eat more of solid foods. A plate of fufu is N300 which I eat twice a day. So, I spend N600 – N700 daily on food.


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