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Eazy Lizzy clears air on daughter’s paternity mess ‘No fuji star impregnated me’

Eazy Lizzy

Female hip hop act, Elizabeth Taiwo Olateju, otherwise known as Eazy Lizzy has rubbished the tale that she was impregnated by a fuji star as against her claim that the father of her baby is abroad, adding that she has nothing to hide about her daughter’s paternity. She, however, maintained that her hubby, who she once told us, is simply called Abiodun, is still abroad but will soon come back to Nigeria to personally clear the issue.

ENCOMIUM Weekly, however, had a chat with the Awe, Oyo State born entertainer on the messy tale when we cornered her at an event in Ikeja, Lagos, on Wednesday, August 29, 2012.

After much persuasion, she obliged to speak further on the issue.


On Sunday, August 26, 2012, you celebrated your birthday and five years on stage, how would you describe the event?

It was okay. I was so happy and excited because I got what I was expecting. So, it was a memorable day for me. It was also a fun filled occasion. People actually showered me love and that was exactly what I wanted. I really thank God for that.

But just a day after, a story broke out that the real father of your baby is a fuji star, who also allegedly impregnated another entertainer, a movie star, what’s your reaction to that?

First, I felt bad when my attention was drawn to the story. It’s definitely a bad story, especially at this period of my life. Besides, the story is big enough to cause disaffection, not only between me and the father of my baby but between the two families.

I mean, my own family and the family of my husband. It’s highly malicious and it’s irresponsible of whoever might have been peddling such a rumour. It’s really bad writing such a story on my person. Even if it’s a mad person, he will feel bad about it. But on the other hand, I was made to understand that when one is progressing, there must be some enemies of progress that will just sit down at a corner, planning evil against the person with a view to bringing him down.

If that’s not true, how come that the story came out just a day after I celebrated my birthday and five years on stage? So, I only see those behind it as enemies of progress because there is not iota of truth in the story.

They just wanted to pull me down and they can’t succeed. They don’t have any evidence. I believe if they had, they should have told the public, who the fuji star is point blank and his identify. I personally don’t even know who they are talking about. It is Obesere or Pasuma or who else? I mentioned these two because they are the only fuji stars I am close to in the industry and there is nothing like dating between any one of them, let alone impregnating me.

So, those behind the stupid story don’t have any evidence to substantiate their claim. Definitely, my management is going to take the issue up. They will show me the fuji star that impregnated me.

I believe they are a bunch of ill-fated individuals, who are just out to dress my image down. I believe, by the special grace of God, they won’t succeed.

But you just have to clear the issue once and for all, who is the real father of your baby?

Of course, that’s my husband.

How is he? Let’s know his name, what he does, where he lives and all that?

Before I decided to grant you this interview, I had discussed with my management and our conclusion was that we’re going to organize a press conference when my husband arrives the country. It’s then you will all get to know him and you will be able to interact with him one-on-one.

What’s his name and when exactly is he coming back to Nigerian? Your fans will appreciate it if you can respond to this now; don’t you think so?

Let me tell you the truth, he doesn’t want me to mention his name but I can tell you authoritatively that in three weeks, he would be back in Nigeria. I will even bring him to your office and you will have a one-on-one interaction with him.

Whatever questions you want to ask him on the issue, he would be very much ready to answer you because he is also aware of the story. I don’t have any skeleton in my cupboard. So, I don’t need to be bothered by such stupid story.

I don’t know how some people can be so senseless and wicked writing rubbish about me at a time I am sealing deals home and abroad concerning my career. They just want to pull me down but their effort will end up in vain so far my God is still on His throne.


On Friday, August 31, 2012, Lizzy’s manager, Bidemi Ojo called ENCOMIUM Weekly to make certain clarifications on the issue, adding that the family of his client’s hubby is aware of the story and a step is being taken to ensure that the issue is addressed once and for all,.“There is no need doubting us, when we saw the story, I personally went to the family of Lizzy’s husband in Omole, Ikeja, Lagos, later I met with her husband’s elder brother Mr. Adebiyi, who lives in Ojodu, Lagos and I was made to understand that they have also been informed of the story. Not only that, they are also making efforts to ensure that their brother comes back to Nigeria very soon so that he can publicly address the issue permanently.

So, there is nothing we are hiding, no fuji star impregnated Eazy Lizzy. It’s just a malicious story and we will take it up legally”, he stated.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, September 5, 2012

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