City fashionista, Ebidomo Okudu has taken her love for fashion to the next level. She has set up her own brand, Zadira, for female shoes, bags and fashion accessories with a strong hint of Nigerian culture. And one person at a time, she is turning people back to appreciate our own home- made fashion goods.

Zadira offers an exquisite collection of trendy and fashionable ladies hand bags, shoes, slippers, men’s sandals, men’s slippers, iPad cases, wallets, belts and fashion accessories all superbly crafted in Adire and Ankara to suit the taste of the urbane man or woman.

What started as a hobby years back is now becoming a brand. For her creations, she uses Adire and spices it up for an African touch with fabrics from anywhere in Africa e.g. Ghana, Sierra Leone and The Gambia, etc.

And one of her short-term plans is to get the products outside Nigeria. Talks are already being held with people in London, USA, Germany, Belgium and Liberia to have a presence in every continent of the world.

Ebidee, as her friends call her, has a B. Sc. in Biology from the University of Lagos and an M. Sc. from Queen Elizabeth College, University of London in Food and Management Science. In the past, she has had career stints at Cadbury, Coopers and Lybrand, Financial Derivatives, Commerce Band, Crown Merchant Securities and Eco-Securities before leaving to set up her own business. She currently runs Judith Michaels School of Etiquette.

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