Ebola fear grips Lagosians (2)

+ What they’re doing to avoid infection
The deadly Ebola disease is finally here. And fear of its infection is rapidly spreading. Here are what Lagosians know about the killer-viral disease and measures they are taking to avoid infection.

‘I use disinfectants more than before’
Since the outbreak of the disease I have been very careful, and now that it has been reported in Lagos, one has to be cautious.
I use disinfectants more than before to reduce the chances of the spread, since it is contracted through contact with infected persons.

‘I have been mindful of how I touch people’
This Ebola thing is scary o. I have been reading about it lately and it kills faster than HIV or even AIDS, inspite of the fear all these diseases. What is scarier is that it can be contracted just by touching infected persons.
I have been mindful of how I touch people I don’t know since the outbreak of the disease. I know prevention is better than cure, but God is the ultimate protector.

‘I think it is a deadly disease’
From all we have read in the newspapers, I think it is a deadly disease even worse than AIDS. I read that we should avoid contact with carrier and presently I don’t have anyone with the virus around me.

‘I don’t know much’
I don’t know much, I read about it on the internet and those who have died from the disease died a painful death.
To avoid coming in contact with carriers and also avoid crowded places.

‘It kills faster than aids’
Ebola Virus is a killer disease. It’s deadlier than AIDS. I now wear gloves to avoid any form of contact. I also maintain a high level of personal hygiene.

‘I don’t travel anymore’
Ebola Virus was sent by the West to check population explosion in Africa. I’m afraid that more would die unless African leaders rise to the occasion.
I don’t travel anymore.

‘I have started washing my hands all the time’
I don’t really know much about Ebola or whatever name you call it. Anyway, I have started washing my hands all the time, I take my hygiene serious. I have stopped eating meat at the moment because you may not know where it is from.

‘I have taken a lot of precaution now’
Since I heard about the dreaded disease, I have taken a lot of precaution by going near pigs, bats and monkeys because they said this are the major ways one can contact the disease. Infact, I now make sure I wear long sleeve shirts especially when I want to board public buses.

‘It is very dangerous’
It involves, vomiting, diarrhea, fever. Always wash your hands and body the virus isn’t adaptable to disinfectants, don’t stay in heated area as well as cool places.

‘It kills very fast’
The symptoms are just like that of malaria, cold, headache, vomiting and all others like that. Always use deodorant especially after the use of public toilet.

‘God will preserve us all’
Thank God for blackberry, I got to know much about Ebola from blackberry broadcast. I can say that I know enough about it.
I don’t eat bush meat before now, I don’t even like pets. I try as much as possible to avoid contact with any sick person as well. Who knows, God will preserve us all.

‘I also pray that the virus will not know my door’
I didn’t know much about it until it was discovered in Lagos. Basically, the knowledge I have about it is from the broadcast people send on blackberry.
I believe so much in what God can do though I have started watching what I eat, I also pray that the virus will not know my door.

‘The disease is unique’
I am scared of all I have read and heard of Ebola virus. The disease is unique. But I constantly pray it won’t be our portion, Insha Allah. This is a disease that kills faster than every other disease. Now, no solution yet. And a lot of people are confused about the precautionary measures.
People keep positing a lot of messages on social media. Some funny and incredible. The rate at which people react to Ebola scare is alarming. I think the best way is to stick to the warnings and instructions by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to remain safe, pending the time there will be a global solution to the problem.

‘It’s a deadly disease, and no solution is in sight as of now’
I am worried about the situation concerning Ebola and its spread. It will soon get to a situation that even husband and wife would be scared of sleeping with each other if care is not taken. No doubt, it’s a deadly disease, and no solution is in sight as of now.
But I don’t think it has gotten to the situation people have exaggerated it. For now, the only precaustion is to wash your hands regularly with medicated soap and stop eating or drinking what you’re not sure of how, when and where such a thing was prepared.



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