Ebola scare! Parents Differ On School Resumption


While some parents are apprehensive over the Monday, September 22 resumption of schools, with the fear of the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), others insist their children should return to school. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with parents on this issue.


‘Our life and those of our kids are more important than education’ – OLASUNKANMI OLAIDE

I don’t care if schools resume. As for me, even if they resume next month as earlier said by the Federal Government, my children will not go to school until next year. And that will not stop them from becoming doctors and lawyers. It’s someone who is alive that can become leader of tomorrow. Our life and those of our kids are more important than education.


‘I’m so excited about it’ – MRS. JADESOLA ADENIKE ADIGUN

I’m so excited about the change of school resumption date from October 13 to September 22, 2014. The reason being that staying at home will never bring anything good for them rather they will be badly affected. I overheard some parents saying they will not allow their children go to school until they find solution to the Ebola virus disease.

To me, let school resumption be as scheduled. The government is trying to curtail the EVD from spreading, let’s all support the plan the government has put in place, so that we don’t play politics with the future of our children. I am also a mother and I am sending my ward to school when it opens”.


‘I don’t support school resumption’ – EMMA OGUGUA

For me, I don’t support school resumption. Ebola is real. And I don’t want to endanger the precious lives of my children. They would stay at home for now.


‘There’s no Ebola in Nigeria’ – FLORENCE ONUMA

My take is that students should resume school. There is no more Ebola scare here. Schools should, however, improve their sanitation, while parents are encouraged to constantly observe their children.


‘It is still a delicate issue’ – MR. MUYIWA ABILOYE

It is still a delicate issue. I have thought of it. Children are so restless, and can never stay in a place. It is not going to be easy at all. So, I am of the opinion that we ensure that all forms of dangers that are attributed to Ebola are cleared, before resumption. Where these children are not safe, then, we have to be very cautious, and make sure that, they are kept very safe and sound.


‘Kids react fast to such situation’ – MRS. FLOURISH SAMSON

Left to me, I will go with the NUT who are insisting that our children should not resume yet because kids react fast to such situation. On the other hand, our children need education so it is neither here nor there.


‘I think our kids should still stay at home’ – MRS. AJOKE MICHAEL

I will disagree with the new resumption date. Pending the time the government finds a solution to what is on ground, I think our kids should still stay at home.


‘I don’t see any reason for further delay of school resumption’ – SERIFAT AHMED

I think they have to resume, it’s good. I don’t see any reason for further delay of school resumption. After all, the children we claim we’re protecting also move and play around. If they are allowed to remain at home for the rest of this year, they won’t care because most of them can’t reason beyond the limit of their brain.

My advice is that governments at various levels should embark on routine checks on every school be it public or private, ensuring that all schools comply with all the instructions and warnings against the spread of the disease.


‘Thank God for sparing our lives’ – MRS. ADETIGBA BUKOLA

Thank God for sparing our lives, thank God that Lagos and even Nigeria has been declared Ebola free. It is okay if schools resume, especially in Lagos state and its environs. But I will advise that Rivers state should be patient till they get over it too.


‘I don’t support school resumption now’ – CECELIA ADENIYI

Despite the claim that we’ve conquered Ebola virus disease in Nigeria, which I think is the reason government directed that schools should reopen on Monday, September 22, 2014, I am still afraid. I don’t think some of these schools are prepared to resume because most of them might have not done anything to fight the dreaded disease.

They should all be certified by the government before reopening. Left to me, I don’t support school resumption now.



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