Ebola Scare: School Owners Speaks


oladele‘We will carry out awareness campaign for the children’ – MRS. PEARL OLADELE,

Excellent Stars Montessori School, Igbogbo Rd, Ikorodu, Lagos

Our school will resume on September 22, 2014, God willing. We are going to comply with the directive of the Federal Government. We proprietors have already been trained on the virus and how to check it. We will carry out awareness campaign for the children. They can now have their break in the classrooms to minimize their level of interaction with others.

And again, I will make sure that we carry out the normal test on our staff before the children resume. As I’m talking with you, the school has bought infrared thermometre to check the temperature of our pupils. We have pipe borne water with soaps and a medical team to ensure that our children are protected at all times.



Obatusin‘Total precaution will be taken’ – MRS. M. OBATUSIN,

Principal, Apostolic Faith Secondary School, Anthony Village, Lagos

I think, on September 4, 2014, I went for a sensitization programme organized by the ministry of health for all private school owners, and the principals of the schools on how to take care of the students as they are resuming for their academic session. I remember vividly that the major thing they discussed was the issue of washing of hands which they call Basic Universal Precautions that all schools should make running water available, which, by the grace of God, we have.

We are also told to make provision for hand sanitizers, hand gloves, especially for the cleaners and the care givers that are taking care of the children when they use the toilet. And again, we were also taught to isolate any child that is sick from the other children and we should ask questions and find out what actually happened because it’s not all fever or sickness that is Ebola.



Bassey‘…if they are safe at home, they will be safer in the school as well’ – MRS. CHINEYE BASSEY,

Proprietress, Elect Nursery And Primary School, Anthony, Lagos

Measures on how the school would avoid the spread of the virus are in place. The first week of resumption would be dedicated to sensitization and education of students about the Ebola virus, the symptoms, how it is spread and the preventive measures.

We will provide sanitizers and other protective facilities for our students against the virus. Then, I can assure you that if they are safe at home, they will be safer in the school as well.



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