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Eccentric scientist, Professor Alex Zhavoronkov recommends celibacy for longevity

In his new book, The Ageless Generation, Professor Alex Zhavoronkov, a director at the United Kingdom-based Biogerontology Research Foundation has recommended staying off sex, relationships, marriages, children and even material possessions as a condition to live as long as 150 years.

The 36 year-old Lativan, who believes he still has 114 more years to live, mingles with Nobel Laureate prize winners and works untiringly to extend life and talk about his discoveries.

Daily, he takes tested and untested drugs, supplements and vitamins.  He exercises with yoga, push-ups, stretches and sit-ups to protect his muscle mass and skeleton.  He watches his diets by taking mostly fruits, vegetables, yoghurts, protein bars, coffee and the occasional cider which he takes with anti-diabetes drug to maintain his glucose level.

Prof Alex recommends that septuagenarians should think themselves young by playing video games, socialize with younger people, do ageing research and keep a healthy body.  He also advises that one should perform basic genetic testing to assess one’s vulnerability to diseases, regularly monitor blood biochemistry to look for changes that could signify health problems, start a personalised preventative drug regimen and store blood and tissue samples for future use.


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