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Echoes from KEFEE’s first memorial birthday concert and album launch

ON Thursday, February 5, 2015, at Daystar Auditorium, Oregun, Lagos, Teddy Momoh, husband of late singer, Kefee, staged the first memorial birthday concert alongside her album launch.

The concert tagged, The Evening with Kefee, was well attended by music artistes, fans, friends from across Nigeria and Africa.  Some of the artistes present were Sammie Okposo, Nikki Laoye, DJ Gosporella, Lady X (South Africa), Elane (Ghana), Timaya, Vector, Cynthia Morgan and many more.  It was hosted by on-air personality, Sabina and comedy was by MC Abbey.

However, in an interview with Kefee’s husband, Teddy Momoh, he explained why Daystar was picked, opened up about her new album and more…


How do you feel hosting, An Evening with Kefee?

I felt really good celebrating her because she was an amazing, strong, talented and encouraging woman.  Besides, that day was her birthday.

Why was the tribute concert held at Daystar Auditorium Centre?

I would not say I picked Daystar because that was the church she attended but I would say Daystar chose to celebrate and honour her.  Since it was her first memorial service in Lagos, it was only expedient for Daystar to host her first and also to launch her album there.

You could have picked any other date, why February 5?

The date was picked not only because it was her birthday but because all the time, her works were always launched on her birthday.  Her foundation was launched on her birthday, Branama Kitchen was also launched on that day.  So, I felt we should continue with the tradition of doing new things on her birthday.

Tell us about her new album.

We launched a double album.  There is the Beautiful and Best of both Worlds album.  The Best of both Worlds album is the DVD and the Beautiful album is the audio.  The Beautiful album has 14 tracks while the other one has 13.  The album is a combination of all her works, Branama 1 & 2, A Piece of me, Chorus Leader and Beautiful, all packed together into Best of both Worlds album.  The second album, Beautiful, which has the audio tracks featured other artistes like Becca from Ghana and Skales.  She did an Africa All Star song which happens to be a border breaking song because you have music stars from North, South, East and West of Nigeria, all represented on each track.  With different genres of music, such as R n’ B, hip-hop, reggae, African beats all packed in one song.  I would say, there is no song like that in the world.  She did that in a song entitled, I Believe. She did that with a message saying, I believe one day Africa would be the focal point of the world.  The album also contains a love song, an Urhobo anthem and many more artistes like, Idris Abdulkareem, Omotola Jalade, Uti Nwachukwu, Wole Oi, Lami, Jahbon, Orezi and Splash, all on one track.  And also the last song she dropped before she died was Be Strong.

Why did you release three of her videos in December and not wait till the album launch?

It was because a lot of her fans wanted to hear some of the things she did.  So, I decided to release it five months after she died.  Besides, two of her songs, Dem go talk and Be strong were released between July and December, 2014, which made her fans thirsty for more.

I released them because I did not want people to forget her so soon.

How did you feel seeing some of her close friends and family celebrating her?

It felt very good to see them because it showed she made some impact in their lives, especially when they did the tribute talk.  A lot of them said glowing, loving and touching words.  They never saw her as a colleague but sister.

How would you rate the success of the show?

For me, it was highly successful and I would rate it a 10-star event because people I actually expected were all there.

What were the challenges of setting up such an event?

Life is all about challenges.  Besides, what makes a man is the ability to face challenges and overcome them.  So, I faced it and it’s all part of life.

Would the tribute concert be an annual event and why?

It’s something I just did to honour her now. The main thing here is, man proposes, God disposes. I cannot say anything for now but it is what we (Team Kefee) decided to honour and launch her album.  I do not know what next.  I know I have ideas and concepts to keep her brand going.

In what other special ways are you planning on honouring and immortalizing her?

Everyone should keep their ears and eyes open because you will definitely hear and see so many things that would be unfolding.  I know Team Kefee lives on and Kefee lives on. We are also open to your ideas that would help us honour and immortalize Kefee.  I know we cannot do all by ourselves.

How did some of her family members feel about the tribute concert?

They could not feel any better.  They believe she lives on.  For them, it was a very touching event and they were grateful to see the kind of impact their sister made in the lives of people when they heard the tribute talk.

What were some of the highlights of the tribute concert?

The show was tagged, An Evening with Kefee.  It had a lot of music, dance and many more.  Everyone went, wow, when they heard the first song that made her, Branama.  There was comedy from comedians, Helen Paul, Sabina, MC Abbey and many more.  Also, Pastor Kenny Folarin of Daystar delivered the Word on Unity of the Nigerian society and the entertainment industry.  Then the Tribute Talk from artistes on how she actually affected them positively.  That part was very touching.  In fact, there was a lady who could not control her emotions but it was a lovely show.


–               DOLAPO AMODENI

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