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Echoes from Olajumoke Orisaguna’s homestead, Iree: ‘I pray that devil will not separate them’ – Janet Orisaguna-Mother in-law



Can we meet you?

My name is Janet Orisaguna.

1-DSC_0453-001Who is Orisaguna Olajuoke to you?

She is my daughter in-law.

What can you say about her behaviour?

She is a good girl, humble, kind, respectful before she left Iree for Lagos.

How did you feel when you heard about her success story?

I felt very happy, overjoyed, because she brought glory to our family.

How did you feel when you heard that she is going into modeling?

It is okay by me. When God says that is her work, who can say no?

Do you also support them moving to Lagos, after things have changed?

Yes, I support them. I am happy with it. Her husband has even come to pick her daughter (Grace) last Monday.

What is your advice for the couple, especially your son?

My advice for them is that they should be living happily like before. She should continue that good behaviour and I pray that devil will not separate them.

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