Edak Willie opens up on how her talk show is impacting lives

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The need to educate public on health and lifestyle related issues influenced Edak Willie, a seasoned television presenter to start her own talk show, Edak Willie’s Show. Currently airing on NTA, Silverbird and other terrestrial stations in Nigeria, Edak Willie’s Show seeks to enlighten viewers and help them to balance their health and lifestyle by interviewing experts.

Edak Willie, a mother of three children, is from Onna, Akwa Ibom state. She is a graduate of Philosophy from the University of Lagos. She is also a certified natural medicine practitioner having done a related course in London. Edak, who is also the CEO of First Impression Designs, a Lagos fashion outfit, talked about the show and more….

IMG_8782What experience would you say shaped your decision to start a talk show?

I had always been motivated by the need to share knowledge on healthy living with others. The television platform is just the right medium to achieve this endeavour, hence the coming of Edak Willie’s Show.

What are your dreams for the Edak Willie Show?

There are many people  who suffer from avoidable and curable ailments but are unaware that help is readily available and affordable. Edak Willie’s Show aims to serve as that platform to demystify myths and disseminate helpful information to its viewers in the hope that it will help them in making the right choices about their health and lifestyles.

Having done some episodes, what are the highs and lows of being the show host?

There have been many high points but the most impactful ones are phone calls and messages from viewers who have benefited from our show. I remember some very touching moments in relation to our episode on bipolar disorder from viewers. A lady, who had a son with this condition but did not realize until she watched the show brought me to tears when she related her experience to me in a chance meeting. In the main, we have many high than low ones, and as an individual I tend to focus on the positive.

What excites you about the show?

It has to be the sensing that people are being positively impacted by the information we share every week.

IMG_8804What separates Edak Willie’s Show from others?

We are uniquely different in the sense that our style is a down to earth approach which connects easily with everyday people. We are unpretentious and share information on complex and complicated issues in a way that people can easily appreciate. In addition, our segment on Medicine from the kitchen is uniquely ours.

Which international talk show did you consider as model for your own show?

I watch and appreciate the work that Oprah and the Doctors do but as stated, Edak Willie’s Show is unique and does not seek to copy.

Who is Edak Willie outside the camera?

Wife, mother, sister and an easy going person.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

I try to be natural in the things that I do. I work out to stay fit and eat sensibly and only what I need.

What type of beauty rituals do you undergo before coming on set?

We do not do anything special. Of course we have a very resourceful makeup team but I choose my wardrobe.

IMG_8909 egrMost female talk show hosts get a lot of attention from men, how did you handle yours?

This is not what I experience. So, I cannot really comment on it. Having said that, I believe getting unwarranted attention would depend largely on how one carries and conducts oneself.

How have you been able to keep your marriage going?

My husband and I have been friends long before we got married. It is this friendship that is the foundation of our marriage. When you recognize the high spiritual goal that is associated with the institution of marriage and the role a woman must play, it becomes easy for you to experience a harmonious marriage.

What is the most beautiful thing about being married?

Companionship and joy of parenthood.

What is the key to enjoying one’s marriage? What would you advocate for younger people?

Always marry for love and the person you feel more at home with.

How have you been able to maintain your beauty?

The grace of the Almighty God for the blessing of good genes.

Briefly about your background?

I am from Onna, Akwa Ibom state, married with three children. I studied Natural Medicine and I’m a certified natural medicine practitioner. I also did a TV presenter course in London and I make dresses.



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