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Eddy Montana drops new single, Guess who is back, ‘Kenny Ogungbe is the elder brother I never had’

EDDY Remedy, also known as Eddy Montana of the defunct Remedies group, is launching his return into the hip-hop world.  In an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on April 16, 2015, he told us his album, Guess who is back, is dropping this year while a single will be released this month.  He also talked about his career, relationship with Kenny Ogungbe and lots more…


You have been away from the music industry for a long time, why?

I hate to admit I left the music industry.  I don’t think that was what I did.  It is allowed to take a break.  That’s what I think I did.  I took a break for a while.  It gets to a point everything is in front of you, then you have to choose what is best to do. I needed to gather my life together (laughs).

So, what were you doing when you took a break from music?

I had a lot of issues on ground, so I started travelling.  When I came back, I didn’t want to stay in Lagos, so I went back to my state of origin, Delta.  While I was there, I delved into property and I wanted to serve my people, so I was working for government. I was serving in the Ministry for Tourism and Culture.  I was under Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD).  I was the second Vice President of PMAN.  It was my duty to relate to that ministry on music matters.



It was reported you are considering coming back into the music industry. How true is this?

That’s very true.  My profession is like a burden to me.  Although I want to do some other things, because of the talent which is from God and He wants me to make the best use of it.  So, music kept calling me back.  I couldn’t do much out there.  It was music I was thinking about, so I had to come back.

What are you working on now?

I am working on a couple of things.  One is my album, and also have a collabo with some of the new artistes that are popular.  It’s not what I like actually, but it’s what people want now.  Although I think I am a fan of Phyno, I love his vibes.  He is the first person I am contacting now.  I hope to do a collabo with him. I have my version of the song already but it will be a remix of my original version.

When will your album drop?

I am still recording in the studio, but I have a single ready, it would be out this month. It will be aired on radio and on net.

What’s the title of this single?

It’s Guess who is back.  It also has a video.

Which other artistes are you looking forward to working with?

Apart from Phyno, I have Seun Kuti, Wizkid.  There is a song entitled, Till the end with Wizkid.  I also went a little bit into Afro in this music, so I am doing that with Seun Kuti.  I am working with Samklef and other artistes.

What’s new about Eddy?

This is Eddy Montana not the Eddy of Remedies.  I always tell people that I have a lot of personalities. One is the boy that has a family, extended family, then Eddy Montana, who left Igbobi College to Yaba Tech, an artiste in both ways. I actually read arts in Yaba Tech and I am also a music artiste.  Eddy Remedy, one of the pioneers of the Remedy group.  I think I have to pick a particular personality to channel my return into music and sell out as a brand.  So, I picked Eddy Montana.

Does being single worry or bother you?

I always have people around me, so it’s hard to tell.  I wish I could tell you if it bothers me or not. I think having people around me has not made me think about that.

Would you say finding the right woman is very difficult?

I don’t think so.  Finding the right woman will click easily with God.  If you want to find a right woman, I think you need to talk to God first.  A lot of people have made mistakes in marriage, and things happen.  You just need to teach her to understand you and she teaches you to understand her.

What are the qualities you want in a woman you would like to spend the rest of your life with?

A woman who can die for me. If a woman can die for you, she can do anything and everything for you.  She can make sacrifices because in a marriage, relationship, there are lots of sacrifices you have to make.  There is no right woman.

What does love mean to you?

Love covers everything.  It is sweet, forgiving, kind, honest.  It’s just a four letter word but very big.

It’s surprising you still have a very good relationship with Kenny Ogungbe.  How did you sustain this relationship despite the fact that you are not married to his sister, KSB anymore?

He is a brother, a friend.  Kenny is a big brother I never had.  Although I have a brother, he left Nigeria since he was nine. I was a child then, I barely know him.  So, I never had that elder brother feeling.  I was always the elder brother to my younger ones.  So, I found an elder brother in Kenny, that was why I could relate to him very well because he is the only elder brother I can shout at.  I don’t think anybody from outside can say Keke Ogungbe is doing this or that.  It’s only Eddy that is his brother, others are like friend.  I got into the family and I became his brother. He will always be my brother and my friend.  He has always been there even when I said things I was not supposed to say but he understands me.

Tell us about the woman in your life.

(Laughs) There is no woman in my life.

What plans do you have for remarrying?

I don’t know yet.

Are the Remedies ever going to come back?

Yes, the Remedies are back.  We got back on November 22, 2014 through Kenny Ogungbe and Chief Dokpesi of Raypower, AIT.  It was their anniversary and Chief Dokpesi insisted Kenny should get the Remedies to play on stage.  And when we did, we got a standing ovation.  Everybody wants us to come back together.  So, Kenny said, we can’t let our fans down. We will be doing an album together since we all agreed.  So, as I am working on my solo album, we also have a schedule for the Remedies album this year.  We have actually remixed Shade.

What message do you have for your fans?

My fans out there, especially the Remedies fans, I want to thank you for being faithful.  Other people would have forgotten the Remedies, although some may have forgotten because of other artistes on the block.  When we were rehearsing recently, I found out we are still energetic.  We went for Kenny’s Music Easter Fiesta and we were welcomed.

With the kind of music in vogue now, how do you intend to keep your audience?

When I took a break from music, I didn’t leave music completely.  I have a band I play with, a live band.  So, I have been playing at weddings, birthday parties, but it must be live.  It has been keeping me alive and it actually pays more than selling of albums.  I have always been energetic, I am still energetic.  The only thing I am trying to do is merge my style to fit into what is in vogue now.  The chorus, the producers beat and that wouldn’t be a problem.  I still jump from the stage into the audience, I work out every day.

How often do you see your children?

I won’t lie, it’s been a while now although we see once in a while.  But I have been very busy with my album so I have really not got time on my side.





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