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Editor receives SUV gift from MTN sixteen (16) years after buying a SIM card

Imagine receiving a car because you bought a SIM card sixteen years ago!  A brand-new SUV! Well, you don’t have to imagine, An editor in The Guardian newspaper, Mr Chuks Nwanne, just received his SUV; it’s real, guys. Did I hear you say, “God, when?” Well, me too. God, when? Here’s the full gist.

MTN Nigeria celebrated its twentieth anniversary early this month—twenty years of providing top-notch telecommunications service to millions of Nigerians. It’s a huge milestone, and the celebration activities were no small feat either. We were awed by how MTN acknowledged and showed appreciation to customers for their consistent patronage and for sticking with them for the two-decade-long ride.

MTN gifted all her 68.9 million Nigerians free airtime and data to commemorate this event. It didn’t stop there; they also gifted twenty (20) brand-new SUVs to their diligent and long-term customers.

MTN Nigeria launched commercial operations on August 8th, 2001; thus, the selected SUV recipients were people who joined the network on August 8 from 2001 till 2020. One of such customers is Mr. Nwanne, who at the time was a youth corps member and purchased his SIM card in 2005.  Who would have thought that the amount he spent that day would make him eligible to receive a brand new car 16 years later? The news was both surprising and exciting for Chuks, who expressed his profound gratitude.

Over the last two decades, MTN Nigeria has gone beyond providing excellent service to its customers to investing in partnerships and initiatives that improve the quality of lives for people in its ecosystem.

Who knows what MTN will do when they are Twenty One! We are prepared.



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