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Edobors’ marital mess: 15 unresolved areas in the bitter spat

The sensational marital mess of the Edobors – which left Ivie (39) with a broken limb and N2.7 million in hospital bill, and John  (40) with an attempted murder charge around his neck – is full of gray areas. Many questions are still begging for answers as the parents of three daughters  bring their cases to the court of public opinion.

In their claims and counter-claims, many issues remain unclear. brings you the 15 most noticeable gray areas:

  1. Was Ivie thrown out of her Abraham Adesanya (Ajah) matrimonial home in the middle of the night in September 2014 or agreed with her husband (John) to relocate to Orile (her father’s house) following embarrassment from creditors?
  2. Did she and her three daughters stay in a hotel for three weeks in Ajah after John quarreled with his cousin (Sifo) who accommodated them?
  3. Was she spending weekends in the Ajah house, after she relocated to Orile?
  4. Did he stop taking care of his wife and children, abandoned his financial responsibilities and took them off his health insurance?
  5. Did she conceive twins in November 2015? And the babies (expected in August) aborted in May/June 2016?
  6. Did she agree to move back with John into a Yaba flat which she supervised in getting? Has she slept in the flat before?
  7. Has John ever slept in her Surulere flat (where she moved into in April)? And did she volunteer to give up the flat for her cousin (Emma) so that she could move to Yaba?
  8. Did she admit dating Matthew Agbaire to her husband? And was there a confession before Father Felix at Saint Dominic’s Church (Yaba)? Or was the issue discussed with the Reverend Father divorce?
  9. Was Matthew Agbaire sleeping on her bed over night as the children purportedly claimed?
  10. Was John sleeping with the divorcee with a daughter? And flaunting her on social media?
  11. Was there an initial agreement to meet on June 18?
  12. Did John assemble area boys whom he gave drinks to cause havoc that night of June 18?
  13. Who injured Ivie? Matthew or John?
  14. Was Ivie ever married to Benedict Jatto (in 2002) and never disclosed this secret?
  15. What actually led to the accumulation of debt? Was it N25 million or N32 million?


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