Egg Sellers Groan As Price Skyrockets

With the perpetual rise in the prices of commodities across the country, Nigerians no longer find it easy to cope with the bad situation. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to traders who lamented poor patronage as the price is now getting out of hand.


ITUNU (Oke-Odo Market, Ile-epo)

Business has not been the way it used to be these days. The price of egg keeps going up. A crate of the big size is now N1,500, the medium N1,200 and the small size is N1,100. If we want to sell in bit, 4 of the big ones is N200, four of the medium is N170 and the small ones is N150.


MUMMY CHIOMA (Oke-Odo Market, Ile-Epo)

Business has not been too good but we thank God. Though I don’t have the big size, I’m sure it is N1,500. The medium size is N1,300 and the small size is N1,100 per crate.


MRS. BADMUS (Oniwaya Market, Agege)

The business is so dull this time around and prices are high. I have the medium size and it sold N1,300. That is the only size I have.



Business has been fine, just that the price of egg has not reduced. The price for a crate of eggs ranges between N1,600 and N1,100.


MUMMY IDERA (Ifo, Ogun state)

I operate a mini poultry. The reason why there is a change or an increase in the price of egg is because the cost of maintaining a poultry is on the high side Ranging from the maintenance to the feeds, the price has really gone up.

But not withstanding, a crate of eggs here costs N950. We don’t sell in sizes, it’s those selling in wholesale and retail that separate the sizes and their price.



Business is okay, we are managing. A crate of egg costs N1,600, N1,300, N1,100 depending on the size. Selling in unit cost N50 or at most N60.


  1. LAWAL (Ifo Market, Ogun state)

The situation in country as affected the price of egg, we now use money for two crates to get one crate. It depends on size, we have N1,100, N1,300 and N1,500 price.



I don’t sell in crate but I just sell in pieces. It’s only the medium size I get from the wholesalers and retailers. If I want to sell it in bit, 4 is N170.



I can’t even withstand how everything is now getting double in price. Image egg is now one for 50, 60 and 70 in my area, depending on the size.

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