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Ekulo excites Nigerians with Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey


Connoisseurs of quality spirits all over Nigeria have a cause to smile as Ekulo International has introduced a new exciting number to the retinue of available recipes for their taste buds. Known as Jim Beam Bourbon, this spectacular brand is one of the oldest and best refined brands of quality Bourbons known all over the world.

What is Bourbon?

Bourbon is first an American whiskey. It is made by distilling a mash of grains made up of 60 percent corn and perhaps barley, rye or wheat.

What makes Whiskey Bourbon?

It must be made in the United States. It must contain 51 percent corn. It must be aged in new oak charred barrels. It must be distilled to no more than 160 proof and entered into the barrel at 125 proof. It must be bottled at no less than 80 proof. It must not contain any added flavouring, colouring or additives

What is the difference between Scotch Whiskey and Bourbon?

Scotch whiskey is brewed from barley while Bourbon is brewed from corn. Also Bourbon has its origin in the United States of American, unlike Scotch whiskey which is European. Again, it is permitted for whiskey to be aged in old oak barrel repeatedly used. But the bourbon tradition insists that every new brew must be aged in new charred oak barrel. This helps give the bourbon its distinctive bitter taste.

Who is Jim Beam?

Jim Beam is a brand of bourbon produced in Clermont, Kentucky, by Beam Suntory. It is one of the bestselling brands of bourbon in the world. Introduced in 1795, by a German immigrant to the United States, Johannes Reginald Bohm(Later Changed to Beam,) seven generations of the Beam family have been involved in producing the brand till date.

What is so special about Jim Beam?

Tasters, snifters and other connoisseurs have given Jim Beam the pride of place as the epitome of bourbon qualities and have made it the standard upon which other bourbons are rated.

Ekulo and Jim Beam!

In its assigned commitment to “provide Nigerians with the best of brands”, Ekulo, itself a renowned brand for quality brands, is creating tasting platforms at major events and bars all over the country for the public to come and have free samples of Jim Beam bourbon. Available in so many variants including: Jim Beam Original (white label),Jim Beam Choice (green label),Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, Jim Beam Seven Year, Jim Beam Black (black label)Jim Beam Bonded (metallic gold label),Jim Beam variants extends to Liqueurs, Jim Beam Honey – an infusion of “real honey” and  Jim Beam Apple – with apple liqueur  and many others. All Jim Beam variants can be found at her exclusive Ekulo Wine Shop, at Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island Lagos. The bourbon is poised to convince Nigerians, with the help of Ekulo that the best has just arrived.

Ingram Osigwe is the Media Consultant to Ekulo International Ltd.

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