Elders pray for eternal union of Chinazo and Mekam Okoye

recovered2422‘They shouldn’t allow any vacancy in their marriage’


Your Royal Highness, how do you feel about today’s event?

I feel very happy. It’s a great occasion.

What’s your advice for the couple?

I will give them the same advice the Archbishop gave them today. They should keep their marriage. They should keep to themselves, they shouldn’t allow any vacancy.

What’s your wish for them?

I wish them joy, peace, happiness and all the good things of life in the marriage.


DSC_0488‘God’s grace is abundant for them’- PROF. PAT UTOMI

What’s your advice for today’s couple?

God’s grace is abundant for them. They should just work at it because what you get in marriage is a function of what you put into it.

What’s your relationship with the groom’s father?

We’re friends and family friends. And we have maintained our relationship over the years.

How would you describe him as a friend?

He’s a wonderful friend, supportive of his friends. We’re pleased to join him today to celebrate with him.



recovered3233‘They should continue to hold hands together’


Your Highness, Sir, how would you describe today’s event?

This is a beautiful day that the Lord has made. If you look at it, everywhere is booming because it’s a special day. It’s a nice wedding. The couple has been joined together. And by the special grace of God, they’re going to reproduce and multiply as the Bible promises us. I believe they’re going to do well as husband and wife.

What’s your advice for the couple?

As they hold hands together today, my advice is that they continue to hold hands together forever.

What’s you prayer for them as well?

My prayer for them is that they should have children, grand children and great grand children that should look after them.

How would you describe the bride’s father, Azudialu?

Azudialu is great man; he’s an achiever on all fronts. He is a philanthropist. He’s from my town, Okija, and he has been doing well there. I don’t know if you’ve visited Okija. If you have, you know what I am saying. He’s a real Okija man and we’re proud of him. He’s a good person.

How would you describe his contribution to the development of Okija?

Great! That’s my emphasis. He has turned Okija around from where it was to where it’s today. Okija is one of the fastest growing towns in Nigeria today despite the recession. That’s the truth, I am not just boasting.

What’s your relationship with him?

He’s my cousin.

What more do you wish him?

I wish him the best of luck, more of good things, long life and sound health, to be able to do more things for us as his family members and others.

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