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Electric and self-drive car to take over soon 

According to a new report, year 2030 would be a time where shared vehicles would take over in major developing countries of the world. This means owning a personal car might become unnecessary.

The report, suggested by Bloomberg, is optimistic that by then, two-thirds of electric and autonomous (self-driving) vehicles would dominate major roads.

Electric vehicles are becoming common. Its development will help lessen harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

” In densely populated, high-income cities like London and Singapore, electric vehicles could represent as much as 60 per cent of all vehicles on the road by 2030, the result of low-emission zones, consumer interest and favourable economics,” the report said.

There’s also predictions that four in 10 cars would be self-driving by 2030.  BP’s Chief Economist, Spencer Dale noted, “Electric vehicles could take off any time.”

Gasoline retailers are advised to consider how to get more value from electric charging and fleet services.


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