Electricity consumers not excited by tariff reduction (2)

Electricity consumers appear not to be carried away by the 50 percent tariff cut recently announced by National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

Demanding for regular power supply, they told ENCOMIUM Weekly, the electricity tariff reduction is more like a Greek gift..

‘Jonathan should just go’  -ADEKUNLE ABIODUN

I thank God we have voted Jonathan out. Let him just go. He wanted to bribe us with reduction of consumption bill, but we don’t want it.

‘Tariff cut is not an issue’ -MAYOR UZOARU

We need power badly in this country. We don’t really care about the cost so far as it’s available. So, the tariff cut is inconsequential.

‘It wasn’t done in good fate’ -MR. JUSTINE

The electricity tariff reduction is political. They just need our vote and now we don’t see the light. It wasn’t done in good faith. For over one week now, I have not had light. So, what’s the need of reducing the bill when there is no light? It’s not fair at all.

‘I see no change’ -VICTOR WILLIAMS

Whether the price of electricity bill has been reduced or not, I see no change because there’s no light everywhere. Nigerians are in darkness. In my area, for three days now, we have not seen a flash of light and noise from generators is disturbing us.

‘Value for your money is important’ -ADELEKE SANUSI

I have only heard that electricity tariff has been slashed by 50 percent. I am yet to feel it. Maybe when the next bill comes in, I will be able to judge. But whether or not the tariff is reduced, what’s very important is enjoying the value for your money. That’s why we all need to appeal to the next president, General Muhammadu Buhari to handle power sector very seriously and disconnect all those who may want to thwart his effort from anything that has to do with the sector.

‘It’s a right step in a right direction’ -EZEKIEL OJOMO

Yes, that will be a very good decision. It’s a right step in a right direction. I give kudos to President Jonathan on that. I am using this medium to advise the incoming president to sustain the legacy. Although, that has not reflected in my monthly bill, I hope it will soon. I pay not less than N7,000 in my apartment every month. That means, I will only be paying about N3,500, which is not bad if the light is regular.

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