Electricity consumers not excited by tariff reduction

Electricity consumers appear not to be carried away by the 50 percent tariff cut recently announced by National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

Demanding for regular power supply, they told ENCOMIUM Weekly, the electricity tariff reduction is not more like a Greek gift…

‘It’s a good idea’ -ABIMBOLA OTU

Electricity tariff reduced or not, I have no comment on that because as it is now, light in my compound has been disconnected for almost a month because some people refused to pay. The bill they gave us was too high. If they have reduced it, I think it’s a good idea.

‘It’s good news’  -SYLVESTER UDON

It’s good news but until they bring the bill, I can’t trust them. And if that’s genuinely implemented, Nigerians will surely appreciate the Federal Government’s gesture in that direction but that’s if the supply of electricity is regular.

But to me, I think President Jonathan just wants to score some political points because of the elections. Let’s wait until after the elections if the tariff will conform with the reduction as announced by Federal Government.

We are moving forward’ -ENIOLA FATAYO

It’s a good and welcome development. I think if that translates to quality service, I would say we’re moving forward. But if electricity supply still remains the same, there is no point jubilating about the 50 percent slash in tariff.

What’s important is enjoying the value for our money be it high or low.

‘It’s a good gesture’ – DANIEL OKON

The reduction in tariff is most welcome, though I was told it’s not for all categories of consumers. The gesture might not, however, be useful if power does not improve. We are not interested in any funny tariff cut.

‘It’s political’-FRED OGWO 

This is a Greek gift. It is simply political. Where is power? It is not about reducing the bill but its availability. There’s nothing special about the 50 percent cut.

‘This is not what we want’ AMARACHI NWANZOR

This is not what we want. The DISCOS should give us light.

‘It’s not done in good faith’ -CHRISTIAN AKPAN

It’s not done in good faith. They should have waited till elections are over before they reduce the tariff because the way it is now, they just want our votes.

‘There is no difference’ -ROMEO

I see no difference in the reduction because we have not had light for six days now. Reduction or no reduction is not my business because I don’t enjoy light.

It is a good development’ -FUNKE ADEBISI

It is a good development. I pray they stick to it. I also pray it is real, if they are not fooling us because of elections. I used to pay N5,000, I hope it will now drop to at least N3,000.

‘It’s a welcome development’ -NIYI JOSHUA

I think President Jonathan has good intentions. I know he would have planned it for a long time. It is a welcome development.

‘I think it is a good thing’ -KAYODE

I think it is a good thing the Federal Government has done, at least it will reduce what we pay. We’ll pay less for what we get. The only thing is if we pay less, there’s still no light. If we can have better supply, everybody will be happy.

‘It hasn’t changed anything’ -SHOLA

I don’t know how it will affect how much I will pay until they bring the new bill. Where I live, we pay N11,000 every month, and there are three of us using the metre. The March bill they brought about two weeks ago is even higher than the one of February. They said the new tariff will start from April.

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