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‘Electricity is getting worse again’ (2) – Nigerians lament


Electricity supply has dropped sharply in the past few weeks, and this has been affecting households and business activities in the country.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on this lamented the epileptic power supply at the moment unlike what they used to enjoy when President Muhammadu Buhari just assumed office.


‘It has worsened beyond my expectations’ – Ikechukwu Nwadike

I will say it has worsened beyond my expectations, to be honest. I actually thought we had turned a new leaf with how consistent the light was in the first weeks of Buhari’s administration, now it turns out to something else. It’s so pathetic, light is so irregular that you can’t even make any plan with it. You cannot confidently say, “there’ll be light at so and so time” and be correct. We have gone back to buying fuel like before.


‘No more electricity’ – David Abu

Yeah, I have noticed. It seems five hours was removed from the number of hours they were giving us two months ago. Normally, when I’m returning from the office in the evening, I’d meet light but that’s no more the case. You’d have to stay up late at night to iron your clothes or have it all done at the beginning of the week.

And I think it’s everywhere because recently, I’ve noticed quite a number of people either go out with a jerry can, it’s that bad.


‘Electricity supply has fallen again’ – Gbenga Onaneye (Fagba)

Yes, I have noticed a sharp fall in the supply of electricity in our area. It all started some weeks back. I learnt there is a problem at Egbin Power Station in Ikorodu area. And that’s the station supplying most of the South West, and the government is yet to fix it.

So, I don’t think it’s the fault of the government right now. We should understand that Buhari really means well, but he has a lot he is battling at the moment. The project can’t be attended to now until ministers are sworn-in and given portfolios.

So, we shouldn’t be deceiving ourselves. Although, it’s sad we have gradually gone back to our old ways, there is nothing we can do about it.


‘At the moment, electricity is bad’ – Oluwaseyi Victoria Abiola (Ikeja)

Electricity is nothing to write home about at the moment. We need government to find solution to it before it gets late. We now resort to generators for office work and even at home. It’s sad that we can’t enjoy uninterrupted supply of electricity for just a year. And shortly after President Buhari took over, there was light almost everywhere.

And we’re all rejoicing, thinking we have won in that aspect. I am surprised now that it’s still a story.

All I think we can do now is to start praying for Buhari and his cabinet to find a lasting solution to all the problems confronting the country.


‘It is not what it used to be’ – Tunde Ayeni

There is a decline of electricity in my area. It is not what it used to be. I make use of generator. I would like the government to look into it and help us fix whatever needs to be fixed in the power sector.


‘There is a serious decline of electricity in my area’ – Bayo Ogundipe

There is a serious decline of electricity in my area. As I speak, we haven’t had light for about a week now. We make use of generator every evening. I would like the government to invest heavily in the power sector.


‘It is worse’ – Femi Toye (Ipaja)

Yes, there is a decline of electricity in my area. We used to have light for like 12 hours before but now, it is worse. We have not had light for four hours today.

We don’t have a choice. We have to cope. We have rechargeable lamps we use. We want the government to double their effort in that sector.


‘Light is back to its initial state’ – Sunday Solomon

Yes, light is back to its initial state. They take it at will and hardly bring it back. The noise of generating set has returned everywhere.

We are coping. We use generator, when they take light.

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