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‘Electricity is getting worse again’ – Nigerians lament

Electricity supply has dropped sharply in the past few weeks, and this has been affecting households and business activities in the country.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on this lamented the epileptic power supply at the moment unlike what they used to enjoy when President Muhammadu Buhari just assumed office.


‘I want to believe it is only a temporary situation’


Yes, recently I have noticed that. If it was before, by now we would have light, but as you can see, we’ve not had light since morning. I want to believe it is only a temporary situation and everything will go back to the way it was in the earlier days of Buhari, else we would be returning to the dark days of Jonathan.


‘It seems they’ve reverted to factory settings’


I think I would agree with you on that, it seems they’ve reverted to factory settings. I think we’re beginning to see their true nature, the light they were giving us before was a kind of warm welcome for the new president. Now that he has settled, they’ve gone back to their old ways. I am not surprised actually, only disappointed.


‘We don’t have a choice’


Yes, there is a serious decline in electricity supply. It has gone back to what it used to be. We don’t have a choice than to study when they normally give us light. I was not used to ironing my dresses ahead of time but I have started doing that. At times, there is no light to even iron, one has to use an alternative.

Government should please fix whatever the problem is. We praised Buhari when he came into power, he should change. We really want to feel the effect of the change his administration is clamouring for.


‘We have to cope’


Yes, there is a serious decline in the supply of electricity. I don’t know why that should be so. We were enjoying at least 18 hours a day in our area.

We have to cope. We use the generator when we have to. Nigerians will always cope.

The president started on a good note. He shouldn’t decline in the good works he has been doing. It is possible for Nigerians to enjoy light 24 hours.


‘People’s expectations have been dashed’


There is sharp decline in electricity supply now. It’s not what it used to be in the first three months of Buhari’s administration. It seems the man has relaxed on the issue of power supply. We have started burning fuel in the past few weeks. People’s expectations have been dashed.

We thought we have started to enjoy uninterrupted supply of power, not knowing we will still go back to our old way. I think the government should look into whatever it’s that’s causing the problem before we enter the dry season. Even now, there is heat everywhere. We need light, we don’t want to be burning fuel again.


‘The supply has reduced drastically’


We’re not enjoying light again. The supply has reduced drastically. We only have light for like five or six hours in a day now. And before September this year, we used to have light for not less than 18 hours in a day. Even, there was a time I stopped buying fuel for like six weeks.

But I have started buying fuel in the past few weeks when I couldn’t cope again with the epileptic supply of electricity. The way it is now, if urgent step is not taken, we may be back to square one.


‘Electricity supply is nothing’


Electricity supply is nothing to write home about now. We need uninterrupted power supply just like it’s in Ghana. President Buhari should go back to the drawing board and find out what exactly went wrong again in the system. Nigerians have been appreciating his good work concerning power supply since he assumed office. So, he shouldn’t disappoint us.


‘It is worse now’


Yes, there is a decline of electricity in my area, in fact it is worse now. I try to use the power generator on for at least two to three hours every evening, so we can at least charge phones and watch the news.

I expect the government to work on it as soon as possible.


‘Electricity is still okay in my area’


Electricity supply in my area is very okay. I have no reason to complain at all. There is light most of the time. I hope they keep up the good work and improve on good supply of electricity with fair tariff.

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