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Electricity situation worsens as Egbin Power Station is thrown into liquidity crisis

Nigeria’s largest power generating station, Egbin Power Plant is currently in a liquidity crisis as it is owed N39 billion for the power it generated into the national grid from November 1, 2013 to date; and this is according to its chairman, Mr. Kola Adesina.

Mr. Adesina, while speaking to journalists in Lagos, blamed the crisis which is hampering its optimal operation on what he called inconsistent regulation. He, however, added that investors would add 1,350 megawatts more to the 1,320 megawatt-capacity plant to hit a generation target of 2,670 megawatts by 2019.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the reactions of Nigerians to the current power situation…

‘It has seriously worsened’ – Dimeji Komolafe (Ikosi, Ketu)

We don’t have light, it has seriously worsened. Even when they bring it, it is epileptic or it won’t power the TV unless we connect our stabilizer. It can be quite funny. One evening in my house we were watching a series that was interesting, every time they brought light, my son would turn off the generator; and when they took it, he’d put it on.

He did that for four times back and forth, before he became frustrated and said he won’t turn off the generator when they brought it later since they would take it eventually. We all just laughed and carried on. True to what he said, it went off less than 20 minutes after. It’s that bad!


‘We only have light in the midnight’ – Kingsley Nwanka (Oregun)

I remember when we were having light consistently months back, everybody was shouting it was because of Buhari – Buhari this, Buhari that. It was all like a welcome party, now is the time for him to deliver, to turn things around for good.

Please, don’t make me go into how pathetic things are now. We only have light in the midnight, we wake very early to iron, else I would have to use the generator to do so.


‘It is not that noticeable’ – Kunle Ogunlela, Ogba

The difference between before and now is not much, not really noticeable, to be honest. Maybe because I don’t really stay at home. I work in Ogun state and I come home only on weekends. At times, I may not come back for two weeks. So, it is not that noticeable.


‘Power supply is not encouraging this time around’ – Faloyo Ibikunle

Power supply is not encouraging this time around. And we’re still paying heavily. Now, many things are going wrong in the country. The only thing the President is facing is corruption. Not that I don’t appreciate that but he should not concentrate his time and energy on that alone.

Other areas, including power, road, employment, security should be attended to. When we’re enjoying regular supply of electricity, we thought it would continue uninterrupted but now, the reverse is that case.


‘We depend on generator now’ – Mallam Isa Abdullahi

Electricity supply has dropped drastically unlike what it used to be in the first three months of Buhari’s administration. And it’s really affecting businesses all over the country. Now, most people have gone back to the use of generators to run their businesses. Even at home, I depend on generator for like eight hours now.

So, the government needs to identify the cause of the problem and tackle it once and for all.


‘Electricity supply has really reduced’ – Abiola Temitope

Electricity supply has really reduced. It was so constant before that I thought Nigeria has eventually overcome the great challenge.

Do we have a choice? We just have to cope. We use generator when possible or use rechargeable lamps.

Government should come to our aid. I believe they can do it.


‘He got it right at the beginning’ – Yinka Olabisi

Yes, electricity supply has reduced compared to when Buhari took over. We use generator. I think the president is losing focus. He got it right at the beginning.


‘Light has not been good in my area’ – Ebun Olanrewaju

Light has not been good in my area before. I was surprised when people said light has improved. We have to find a way out. If you don’t have a generator, use rechargeable light. We want the Government to come to our aid. The president is trying but he can do more.

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