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‘Electricity supply has improved’ – Entrepreneurs

Electricity supply has improved in recent times, and that has given hope to the survival of business in Nigeria. Some entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on this also confirmed the development. However, they still believed it could be better…



Yes, there is improvement in the supply of electricity at the moment. We’re enjoying DISCOs’ service better. But it could be improved. Unlike before, especially at the beginning of the year, power supply was worse, despite that, we’re still paying higher tariff. But now, we’re relatively enjoying the value for our money.

I spend less on fuel to power my generator. Even, I can afford to stay longer in the office.


SESAN ODERINDE, Alley Pictures

In a sharp variance from the past that I run on generator for close to 11 hours, I now enjoy power supply considerably. It helps me achieve great things in my studio. Clients’ confidence has grown significantly in what I do. As you are aware, photography works closely with managing light, so this power supply will boost my output. I’m glad this is being taken care of by this government.

In a positive way, I have confidence of spending less to achieve good work. This has ripple effect on the entire cost of carrying out my photography projects. I follow beauty consultants/make-up professionals to runway events, fashion shows and red carpet events, so I have opportunity to properly power my equipment. Then, there’s this general ambience that flows with working as a photographer when there’s power always. You are confident and in control.



Electricity supply is far better now. I don’t have to spend much money on my generator set. On many occasions, you over shoot your budget for movie production as a result of poor electricity supply.

But for now, things are much better. We can boast of having light for like five or six hours in a day, though not steadily available. I think Buhari is trying.

He’s redeeming his pledge to make life better for the poor. That’s the kind of change we want, not some people fighting in the National Assembly for selfish reason. But in all, we will all appreciate it if power supply can be stable, uninterrupted.



Tooshme Beauty and Spa

The improvement in power supply is of great advantage to my business now unlike before. A beauty and spa outfit needs constant power supply for a more comfortable environment to deliver quality services such as makeup and body massage to mention a few. We consume power 24/7 to attract our target customers so, with the improvement in power supply, we have been able to save a lot of money from fuel purchase.

It has affected positively the way we ensure that our beauty outfit remains a unique one, that it is a one stop beauty lounge which caters for both men and women who appreciate the importance of taking good care of themselves after working so hard, from our full spa facilities to our makeup and photography studios, hair salon and beauty academy, there is something for everyone that power supply has affected.



X5 Media Concepts

Power supply has improved in recent times, we now use the generator less. It’s good for business. It allows us gain more profit, reduces overhead cost and also allows us channel resources into other core areas of the business. Overall, I’d say kudos to the power authorities.



Cocktails & Sprinkles

Yes, electricity supply has been stable. I get scared at times that maybe when they take the light, they won’t bring it but they still bring it. It has reduced the cost we buy petrol thereby get more income.



D’Place by Papas

There has been a tremendous improvement in electricity supply… Kudos to the government, both the former and the present government, because as they say, governance is in continuous stabilization.

Obviously, if there is light we won’t have to buy diesel to power our generator thereby saving money. So, I pray it continues this way so that our overhead will reduce!



Mish Concept Limited

The DISCOs are trying their best and we must commend them. The aspect that baffles me is the fact that the new Buhari regime has not even done anything and they started performing. I think the cost of running business would be reduced if there is constant power supply.



Lawrence & Company Limited

Electricity improved a bit in our neighbourhood and I think its impact in business is quite positive. For instance, we don’t spend as much as we used to expend in buying fuel any more. This would sure have positive effect on business.

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