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Elite Model Look boss, Elohor Aisien reveals plans for Miss Nigeria pageant

Recently Elite Model Look boss, Elohor Aisien was appointed the new Creative Director of Miss Nigeria beauty pageant. She took over the position once held by former beauty queen, Mrs. Nike Oshinowo Soleye.

She her appointment by the title owner, Daily Times Nigeria, Elohor has set to work side by side her annual modelling contest. This she spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly about and more, maintaining she is bringing new ideas into the pageant described as the eldest in Nigeria.


What are your plans for Elite Model contest this year?

I have been running Elite for five years now. This is our firth anniversary. This year, the difference is that we are having male models in the competition which is first in Africa. So, we are happy young girls and men come up for the show.

You did the male and female modelling contest separately last year, why do you now want to integrate the two?

We realized that there is no point staging them separately when one have a partner. What we did last we had international partners. Elite Milan came to sign up one of the male models.

Are you trying to cut cost?

There is no doubt but we have few sponsors. We are only waiting for confirmation and we are still open to major sponsor hopefully we will come up with a good show.

What has sustained the competition five years down the line?

What has kept us going is that I believe in my dream even though we have had a bit of ups and downs in the competition in terms of finances. We are still getting there, every year it gets bigger and more interesting.

What are the basic achievements of running the show five years now?

We have produced a lot of models who are doing well out there. One of our richest models today that work with our agency is Chika Emmanuella. She is one of the highest paid models in the industry. Right now, Chika is going to Portugal for a show and she has done a lot of work and fashion shows here and there.

It appears Chika is very much active among other winners of Elite Model?

Last year’s winner is also active. She has been doing a lot of work. It’s only that Chika is known by everyone. Chika is two years on the job while Ejere is still getting used to the industry. She did Arise Fashion Week, MTN Fashion Week and she will still do more.

Where are past winners?

One of them is in New York studying. Education is very important.

Recently you were appointed the Creative Director of Miss Nigeria, how did that came about. Is it something you have been looking forward to?

The announcement came too soon and I am excited and happy about it. I can’t wait for the show to start. It’s something I have always wanted to do.  Coming from my background as Miss Nigeria UK, I will add value to the pageant and it’s something I wanted to do for my country.

When you were appointed, what first came to your mind?

Elohor, you have a lot of work to do, especially when it became public. I said to myself, oh my God, this is for real, but I am strong enough, I have done shows in relation to the pageant and I am consistent with my Elite. We are in the fifth year and everybody knows my background. For Miss Nigeria, it’s a challenge but I know God will see me through.

What ideas are you going to inject to make it different and glamorous?

This year, we are coming with innovation, we are making it more modern and make it what we are actually looking for. We are involving everyone; everyone should be part of it. Everyone should choose the queen. We can’t do it alone. Everyone should vote massively for who they think should b the winner. We are going to interact more with the public, solicit for fresh ideas. I don’t want to say because I am taking over the pageant, I want to change everything I met on ground.

Is it a long term contract?

Yes, though won’t tell you how many years but we will start working next month. We are getting ready. The show comes up in December and we can’t afford to leave anything to chance.

How do you hope to handle Elite Model and now Miss Nigeria?

God will help us, by His grace.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 22, 2012

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