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Elite Model winner Omoh Momoh speaks about her triumph and plans

As the winner, Omoh Omoh smiled home with a cash prize of N1 million, she is set to launch out into the international world of modeling.  . She is also qualified to represent Nigeria alongside 80 other countries at Elite Model Look International world finals, and stand a chance of winning $150,000, along with a modelling contract with Elite Model Management Worldwide and a two-year modelling contract with Beth Model Management Africa.

In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she let us into her world and how winning Elite Model Look would transform her world.


davidson-omoh-win-aquafina-elite-model-contestCongratulations! How does it feel emerging winner of Elite Model 2016?

Winning Elite Model Nigeria 2016 was a dream come true for me as a young and aspiring model. I am super excited.

Did you ever envisage winning?

Yes, I have always believed I stand a chance of winning a competition. Though it was tough still holding to that belief in the camp, but my determination and focus kept me going.

What would you say got you the title?

What got me the title was determination, focus, hard work and prayers.

How would you describe the whole experience from the time you were being groomed till the day of competition?

It was a challenging experience, but one that added so much. Waking up early, doing the workout and catwalk activity was a tough one. Also the inspirational and motivational speeches from top models, fashion designers, makeup artist and photographers were a plus to my career build-up.

How challenging was it for you before getting to this stage?

It has been very challenging. Turndowns from auditions, due to their requirement on physique (a plus size model), but still didn’t give up on myself.

What would change about you as you step into fame and fortune?

The places I go to, my dieting, mode of dressing, taking photos will change. Also, the people I relate with will definitely have to change. Nevertheless, my purpose and the person I am won’t change. I will still be me.

omoh-elite-model-look-female-winner-2016What are your expectations as the winner of Elite Model 2016?

My expectations as the winner of Elite model 2016 are to take a modeling class, build my photo portfolios, become a top runway model and earn more internationally, and make Beth Model Africa proud.

How supportive were your parents when you told them you wanted to pursue a career in modeling?

My parents have always been very supportive to me in my modeling career pursuit. In terms of advice and encouragement, my parents were and still my inspirational figures in life.

 How did your journey into modeling start?

Growing up modeling wasn’t on my mind. The journey into modeling as a career started officially five years ago after so many advice and encouragements from friends and relatives. So here I am.

Tell us about yourself, your parents, schooling, etc

I am Omoh Momoh by name, I hail from Auchi, Edo State. I am from a family of four, consisting of two boys and two girls. I am the third child. I am a quiet, loving and caring person, who enjoys going out, meeting new friends and hanging out with friends.


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