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With Nigerian music industry getting highly populated, we still have a lot of great upcoming acts that are doing very well. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to Elvee twins, the latest female upcoming acts in Nigeria on how they intend to make a difference in the music industry and their hit with popular producer Don Jazzy.


What exactly have you guys been up to?

LILIAN: We’ve just released our debut single entitled, Oga Pata Pata featuring Don Jazzy and produced by Sarz. So, we’ve been pretty busy promoting our song.

VIVIAN: And we also released our Lyric Video which is the first of its kind in Africa, so everyone should check it out and watch out for it on TV.

How did you find yourself doing music?

LILIAN: Music has always been a part of our lives and growing up. We started singing in church as well as in our school choirs. So, it’s always been a part of us.

Also, having been around music all our lives and having a passion for it, five years ago we decided it was something we wanted to do professionally. Hence, the journey we’ve just embarked on.

Everyone is doing music at the moment, what’s your reason for doing music?

LILIAN: Vivian and I have got a passion for music and a burning desire to be successful performing and recording artistes. So, it’s not about following the crowd. We’re doing what we love and what we believe we were born to do.

VIVIAN: Exactly what Lilian said. In that order.

What kind of music do you do?

It’s a fusion of afro pop music. We like to call it Afrocentric.

Who are your target audience?

VIVIAN: I’ll say our target audience spans across a wide range. From 13 year olds through to 35, 40 year olds. My dad’s over 50, if he can listen to it I am sure everyone can.

LILIAN: Definitely, young, fun loving people like us. Without leaving out the older generation.

elvee twinsHow do you intend influencing people positively with your music?

LILIAN: As much as our music is energetic and fun, it also conveys a message that we believe is positive and worth listening to. Definitely a message of love and passion for what we do which we hope would influence the youths positively.

Since you started doing music what has been your greatest achievement?

LILIAN: Definitely moving our music career to Nigeria and taking a Pan African approach to our business. For Africa by Africans, in Africa.

VIVIAN: Also releasing our debut single. The journey just began for us, so we are really excited as to what the outcome would bring.

Mention few artistes you would like to work with?

BOTH: The list is endless as there are so many great artistes that we love. But in Africa definitely 2Face, Phyno, Sarkodie, Burna Boi, Tiwa, Waje, Don Jazzy (again). Internationally, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Future, Sia Furler

You guys don’t stay in Nigeria, how do you intend getting across to Nigerians?

LILIAN: We are now back here and we’ve done our home work. So we hope to incorporate what Nigerians like as well as our personalities in our music.

VIVIAN: Also, as Nigerians we love the good life and since moving back, we’ve learnt to incorporate a bit of that in our music.

With your little time in the industry what would be your assessment of the music industry?

VIVIAN: My assessment would be the men are doing great, bringing out really good music. So are the women, I must add. However, there’s very little of us women at the top, so we’re coming, we’re closing in.

LILIAN: There’s definitely a revolution in the music industry and the rest of the world’s listening and paying more attention to the industry and Africa as a whole, it’s an exhilarating feeling and we’re happy to be a part of it.

What would you say stands you out amongst the so many artistes we have?

LILIAN: Apart from the fact that we’re Identical twins, we think we’ve got a unique and an eccentric style as well as energetic personalities that’s encapsulating and infectious.

VIVIAN: We do it like we do it the El’Vee way. We’re happy people who like to have good time.

You are not very well known yet, how do you intend getting yourselves on the lips of many?

VIVIAN: Through every medium possible and being consistent with our craft.

LILIAN: I just beckon everyone to join this very exciting and memorable journey we’ve embarked on by keeping your eyes and ears glued to El’Vee.

don jazzy

Don Jazzy

VIVIAN: An absolutely amazing experience, and we would definitely love to do it again. He’s a great teacher and it was pleasure working with him.

LILIAN: It was an honour as he’s an extremely gifted musician who definitely brings out the best in you and pushes you. Love, love, loved it.

Mention a few of your songs?

Oga Pata Pata our debut single. Stay tuned for our next releases.

Tell us about yourselves?

BOTH: We are 24, from Imo State. Born in Lagos state and grew up in Reading, U.K. And we are Vivian Kelechi Nwaneho and Lilian Chidalu Nwaneho, from a family of 8.


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