‘Emerging Best Afrocentric Designer, Fashion Showplace of the Year is a challenge to do more’ -MUDI


FAMOUS fashion designer, Mudiaga Enajemo (Mudi Africa) carted away two outstanding awards at ENCOMIUM’s Black & White Ball incorporating the Elegance, Style and Substance Awards. Decorated as Best Afrocentric Designer, the brand was also adjudged Fashion Showplace of the Year.

ENCOMIUM Weekly asked the soft-spoken creative genius how it feels to be so honoured. He also talked about the rise of Mudi Africa, his passion for vintage automobiles and social life…


How does it feel to have been so honoured and celebrated?

I’m happy. It goes to show that we are appreciated. And it has a way of encouraging you to do more.

What do you think made Mudi Africa achieve this laudable feat?

I thank God for the gift of creativity He gave me. That is the basis of all the awards and celebration of Mudi Africa. Hard work and discipline also helped me too.

What next now you have been elevated?

I have to keep working, giving my best, expecting more blessings from God.

How is Mudi Africa doing?

We are doing well as a formidable brand. Fashion is evolving and we have to catch up with the trend.

What’s new for Mudi Africa?

I wouldn’t say anything is new. We are working constantly to originate new and better designs.

At the Black & White Ball, Mudi Africa exhibited some fashion items. What was the purpose?

It wasn’t a runway thing. Mudi Africa, House of Bunor and Message were contacted to do the fashion exhibition. Two designers (Mudi and Frank Osodi) and one brand collector, Message. And it went well because people who didn’t have access to us had the opportunity to see our works.

What is your impression about the Black & White Ball?

It’s always a fantastic show, from year to year. I have always been part of it.

From your own perspective, what are we really not getting right?

Nothing. You know your boss (Mr. Kunle Bakare) is a highly organized man. He puts a lot of energy in ENCOMIUM’s events. You are doing very well. KB is a calm and calculated man.

Many don’t even know that Mudi is sociable, do you even club?

I’m sociable. I attend parties and club once in a while. I think I have been to club once this year. I attend most functions with my wife.

You came in a vintage automobile, a 1957 Mercedes Benz, what informed your choice?

It’s an art. It was my own way of expression. A friend of mine introduced it to me and I ordered for it early this year.

How much did you buy it?

I wouldn’t want to disclose that. It is not about how much I bought it, but the value I attach to it.

Are you a car freak?

No. I have three automobiles: the old Mercedes, a Wrangler and a Peugeot 404.




Rukky Sanda

‘My man is around the corner,’ says actress RUKKY SANDA

MOVIE star, Rukky Sanda says she’s not really what many think she is. Disappointed that many have a wrong perception of her, Rukky, however, told ENCOMIUM Weekly she is no longer bothered with that.

She also parried on the man that rocks her world, insisting he’s around the corner.


What have you been up to?

I just finished a movie, Dash, featuring Monalisa Chinda, IK Ogbonna, myself and many others which would soon be at the cinemas. Also, I did another one with Liz Benson and I equally have a couple of movies coming out.

How have you sustained stardom?

It has been God all the way, hard work and dedication.

What is the hard part of your job?

There are times I feel like not working but I just have to because I don’t have a choice.

In terms of style, you are one of the best dressed actresses, how do you do it?

I believe you should wear whatever you are comfortable in and effortlessly. I just tend to be myself and wear what I want regardless of what anybody thinks.

What is the worst thing ever written about you?

So many things have been written about me and they are far from what I am. So, I don’t look at it as worst things anymore. I now feel indifferent about it because people don’t just get it right.

Who really is Rukky Sanda?

I am always in my own world, I do what I want to do when I feel like doing it. People don’t just get the real thing about me because I don’t go out a lot and I like to keep it that way.

You look beautiful, famous and intellectually sound, when is your man coming?

He is around the corner. I feel he is still missing a few corners, but he will meet me soon.

Where are you headed?

I am heading towards greatness and will do all I can to achieve that.


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