Glorious exit - ingram

Chief (Sir) Emma Bishop Okonkwo, OFR, is in a pensive mood for obvious reasons. The chairman of Ekulo Group of Companies lost his mother-in-law of over 24 years, suddenly on March 28, 2014.
With heavy heart and gratitude to God, the astute billionaire businessman had this to say of his departed mother-in-law.
“Life is like the beautiful flower which blossoms in the morning but fades and withers at night. During the day it is a charming sight to behold. It exudes alluring aroma, which is pleasant to perceive, and attracts other creatures to its affection. As my dear mother in law, you indeed attracted attention with your charming affection. My relationship of over 24 years with you was very cordial and convivial. You shared your life with my family and was always eager and ready to please all around you. You played a significant role in nursing my children who are all very fond of you.
“You were full of life and exuded happiness and gait to every moody situation. When you complained about the pain in your right leg last year, we pleaded with you to travel out for proper treatment. This you turned down on the ground that you were taking care of your dear husband whom you loved so much. “However, preceding events happened so fast that it was very difficult to comprehend. I visited you on March 27, 2014 and you assured me you were responding well to treatment and accepted to travel out. I was glad indeed and went to felicitate with my father-in-law.
However, your health took a dramatic turn for the worst and you gave up the battle for your dear life the very next day. Looking back now, it is disheartening that the greeting and embrace I shared with you when I came into your room was the last. However, I was privileged to have had that goodbye greeting. My children who loved you so much were not as privileged. They are truly moody and very sad at your sudden but glorious exit. They surely miss you.
“They miss your delicious Onugbu soup. The special one, which only you could prepare. The famous soup, which you prepare with unique expertise. They regret you did not live for them to fulfil their promises to you. However, be rest assured your wishes for them will come to pass. Be rest assured that your virtuous legacies shall not be in vain as we shall strive to sustain and preserve them.
You were a treasure to us all. A rare mother who gave all for others to be happy.  When a relationship is a treasure it does not die. You have bade us farewell. But you remain a treasure in our minds. May the good Lord grant you eternal rest till we meet again on that glorious day. Jee nke oma Ogom Nwanyi! Jee nke oma Odilidinma!!”
Burial arrangements are a follows: June 25, Wake Keep at the Ikebuilo’s compound, Ichi, at 5pm – dawn, June 26, interment at same venue at 10am, June 27, Condolence visit.

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