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Entertainers fingered in the Matharoos’ sex scandal

Apart from the randy rich men who enjoyed  the company of the Canadian courtesans, a few Nigerian entertainers cavorted with  them, insiders told Encomium Weekly.

At least, five musicians reportedly bedded the ladies who slipped into the country  around 2009. One super star singer even dated one of them for some time.

Since the ‘fugitives’ enjoy night clubbing, and planted themselves in Lagos’ night scene, they met many musicians who also frequently patronised clubs.


Here are the entertainers fingered:

  1. He used to live abroad, and came back home to team up with a friend. Famous for his slangs, the slim singer from South-west once explored working with an international super star.

He dated one of the sisters when he was in a serious relationship with a fashionista running a highbrow shop. He had to quickly dump the Kardashian look-alike as the liaison was getting out of hand.

  1. From the South-west with a funky stage name, he is bald and very popular. He also returned home to make a name in music – and he is succeeding.

Light skinned, he’s finding his feet in acting.

  1. From the middle belt, this rapper is dark skinned. A father, he appears not to be ready to settle down. One of his most popular songs has a Yoruba chorus.
  2. From the South-east, he has a brother almost as popular. This singer is married.
  3. Very young and monstrously famous, he can pass for a kid. His dalliance reportedly happened in London.

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