Entertainers rally support for colleagues in politics

 Nigerians entertainers are giving total support to their colleagues who recently joined politics. Arguing they have the capacity to make the difference, the few ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with however said they are not yet ready to mount the soap box…

‘They have my backing’ -ANITA JOSEPH

I am in full support. We cannot continue to fold our arms and watch when we are also in a good position to change things. They should go ahead. They have my full backing. Maybe later in life. In fact, very soon I will join them.

‘They are Nigerians too’- ESSENCE

Why shouldn’t they? They are educated, they are Nigerians too. I think people just think we are just playing around. We are contributors to the economy so our business is a serious one.

No, I don’t have political ambition for now, but who knows?

‘There is nothing wrong in trying’ – SAIDI BALOGUN

You can be a fantastic orator, that does not mean you have all it takes to govern. But if those aspiring to one office or the other amongst us have the ability and willingness to deliver when they get there, I wish them well. There is nothing wrong in trying. As for me, the major task before me now is to lead The Golden Movie Ambassadors (TGMA) to the Promised Land. But after succeeding in leading TGMA, it’s then I can think of governing a larger society. To say the fact, it’s not now. Maybe in future.

‘I fear politics a lot’ – BANKE ADEWUNMI

I don’t see anything wrong in it as much as they can deliver. It’s even good we have more representatives in politics so that we can also defend our rights. But as for me, I don’t think I am ready for that now or in future. I fear politics a lot. But I wish any of my colleagues willing to join all the best.

‘We need to encourage them’ -KUNLE AFOD, TGMA

Politicians only remember actors and entertainers when they need votes. But now, we are encouraging our people to join the process by contesting for positions in public offices, since we have also realized that we are important in the process and we have men and women who are credible and qualified enough to help drive the necessary change and transformation of Nigeria.

If some of our colleagues in the industry can be given appointments in some governments around the country and are doing fantastically well, why can’t we encourage more of us to be involved in politics and governance so that it can bring governance close to Nollywood.

‘They all have my support’-SEGUN ARINZE

I think it’s good. Entertainers should be interested in how the country is being governed. They all have my support. I don’t have political ambition for now.

‘I have no political ambition’ -AUSTINO MILADO

Politics is good. We all have to support our colleagues who are in the race. I don’t have any political ambition for now.

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