Saturday, August 29, 2015, was exactly three months President Muhammadu Buhari took over the mantle of leadership of this country from former President Goodluck Jonathan. And he has since been on the watch of many Nigerians.

Entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views on Buhari’s journey so far have passed their assessments but they all asked for more from him…



Left to me, Buhari’s three months in office is commendable. Although, the effect of that may not have been fully felt by the people in one business or the other, I still believe things will be alright in the end. We should all encourage him. For instance, we all can notice the improvement in the electricity supply at the moment, and that has helped a lot of businesses.

The only thing we should be crying of is enough of money in circulation so that we can move on with our businesses which I think will happen at the appropriate time.



What we all lack is patience. Buhari’s administration is a serious and focused one. So, I don’t think it’s well to expect miracles to happen in 90 or 100 days.

The man has shown all well meaning Nigerians that he is there to govern, and for him to deliver we must give him a chance. And he equally said he didn’t promise Nigerians any specifics within 100 days. So, why are we in a haste to judge him. Things may be show right now in the business circle, I believe it’s going to be for the good of all. We all know he can do better and will definitely do it.



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He has not done anything for my sector, still hoping. I accept that he created an avenue for entertainers to be able to get money for their projects.

I will like him to establish a trust fund for the entertainment industry were certified producers can get funds to make quality films, musicals, etc.



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As a sector, we have not felt the Buhari administration, except maybe in the aspect that we now have more constant power. In that regard, I’ll give him thumbs up. Because it has really helped in cutting running cost. But otherwise, we are waiting with folded arms to see how he can improve our lot. One thing that I would want Buhari to do that if he does it will really transform the IT sector in this country is to properly regulate the importation of computer devices, gadgets and accessories into this country.

It’s so bad that the items of little quality are allowed in and it spoils business for those of us who are serious about quality.




I love his pace of performance. At least every one is waking up to the reality of his no nonsense regime, especially in the power sector. He can assist to improve business by providing non-interest loan to expand their business.



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I will say I have seen improvement in power supply, though, I will say the previous administration started it. There should be loan for small scale business. He should look into the issue of piracy.

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