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Entrepreneurs (2): ‘What we want from Buhari in the first month’

Nigerian entrepreneurs have tasked the President, General Muhammadu Buhari on some of the many challenges facing their business.

Here are what they want from President Goodluck Jonathan’s successor



I think that should be finding a lasting solution to the fuel issue, that is the major concern for business people now. He should sit with the marketers and see how to resolve the issues. Also, we spend a whole lot on providing alternative power. I know how much we spend on diesel to power the generator every week. It is really affecting our business; because without light we can’t do anything.

The moment we have steady power supply, it’s going to boost our business as we would be able to save the money expended on buying diesel, then channel it to other areas. I sincerely do not expect him to perform miracles in a month, but I think a month is enough for him to settle the ongoing fuel scarcity in the country.



I want him to help the entertainment industry improve, especially by giving us a platform to really build a career.

He should create a platform to help us build a career for models because it is really difficult to build a meaningful career in Nigeria modelling industry unlike other countries in the world.



Muhammadu Buhari has become a father to all, and he should live by his words that he belongs to everybody. There shouldn’t be anything like tribal or religious sentiment in the discharge of his duty as president of this county.

And as regards my expectations concerning my business, he should create an enabling environment for small scale businesses to grow. He should keep a close check on those at the Nigerian Customs Service so that importation of low quality materials can be checked. He should also work on power and oil sectors respectively. If these areas are sorted out, my business and every other businesses will be expanded.



We all believe change has come to Nigeria not only in our businesses. And whatever has affected the country as a whole will definitely affect every business. I only want to advise the new President to strengthen the economy first so that there will be an enabling environment for every business to thrive. The entertainment industry also deserves quick intervention by the government. We can’t afford to continue serving for others to reap. The issue of piracy should be handled with all sense of sincerity.


MARY BALOGUN, Beauty Fair Shop

I can’t really specify what President Buhari should do in the first one month, because there’s a lot of work for him. He should start somewhere. In the area of my business, I need power supply and a good transportation so that there can be good environment for business.



I would like him to tackle the power sector and also start work on the oil industry. It might take some time but if things are kicked off on the right note, then the masses would have hope. No matter how hungry someone is and the person knows food is on the way, hunger would not kill that person.

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