Entrepreneurs bemoan state of economy (2)

As the year glides to second half, Nigerian entrepreneurs have reviewed their business with the verdict that it has not been really smooth and profitable. We spoke with a few of them…


Things have been generally dull in the last five months due to all the political activities and elections that the country went trough. It was somehow hectic. Some politicians especially had cut off from social scene, they only faced their campaigns so it made things difficult to get quality crowd during the period. Even those that were attending parties were being very careful because of fear of uncertainty because of the tense political atmosphere of that period. But in all, we thank God we’re surviving. Not that there have been any difference for now because things are usually dull during summer because a lot of people enjoy spending the period abroad. So, a lot of bookings are usually tilting towards the end the year. As I speak to you right now, many had booked for the period. In fact, calls keep coming in for booking even till December. That’s the period we’re working towards now to make up for the previous months when there were less activities. And I believe with God on our side, we shall have a fantastic story to tell at the end of it all.


Businesses generally have not been enjoying tremendous boom since the beginning of this year, and that has been attributed to poor economy and political activities that characterized the first quarter of the year. And since the elections are over, a lot of Nigerians hoped that things will pick up again but that’s yet to materialize. So, things have been terrible businesswise in the last five months. But with the new government of President Muhammadu Buhari, I believe our economy will soon be put on a higher pedestal through which business will kick off again in a more rewarding manner. I hope next quarter will be better.

FOLAKE SHOMUYIWA, Shomuyiwa Publications

Business has been pretty ok despite the economic crises we faced in the first half of this year. The fuel scarcity made it difficult for us to count our blessings, but we pray and hope that the second half will be better. We will just make sure that we create more awareness for the people about our services.

DEJI SOWANDE Largehouse Productions

The first half of the year has been mixed. We had positive events happening, especially in the area of publishing a new book- The Queen’s Fiction- and also production of music videos with top artistes. But things could be better, especially in the area of conducive environment for business activities to thrive in the country and my intention of succeeding beyond the shores of this country is tenable. It can only get better.

Keep working hard, innovative and aggressive in bringing ideas that work good. For my book, I intend to get more reviews, promote it’s potentials, especially in the area of adaptation as a movie script. There’s also yearning of working with more artistes, creating world class music videos.

SHEDRACK IKEDUE, Shedico global

This year started off very slowly business wise, and that is quite understandable considering the political and economic instability experienced. From the campaigns, to the elections and the transition, we are hoping things improve now that some stability seem to have set in.


There’s no denying the fact that business suffered as a result of the general elections. And when we thought things would stabilize, the fuel scarcity erupted.

We only hope that the remaining part of the year would be better.

UZOR NGOLADI, Strategia Media Blast

Business has not really been good because the year has not been stable, especially with build to the elections and polls proper.

Now, the transition has been concluded successfully, we hope that business would be better.


The first six months of this year was overwhelming, but we still managed to push through. Nothing special

about that, I can’t start praying that people should fall sick so as to patronize me.

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