Entrepreneurs decry bad business climate (2): ‘2014 has been quite challenging’

Nigerian entrepreneurs have declared 2014 as a challenging year, business-wise. Reviewing the year, many agreed it has not really been profitable for them. They however, hoped the festive period would be more favourable in terms of target and profitability. 


Ayo Balogun

Ayo Balogun

Yes, 2014 has been good but I don’t know why I feel it could be better. One of my targets was to launch my new album which is coming up this week. Also, I got the new equipment I wanted to acquire, and will also be launched.

So far, I thank God for this year. But that does not mean I have achieved all my targets for the year as work still goes on in the remaining days of the year.

Truly, the year is almost gone but a lot can still be achieved. I promised myself I will do certain things before the end of 2014, and by God’s grace, I will. My expectations for the rest of the year is to reach out to more people craving to know and hear more of me because a lot of people are saying I am only for the rich and famous. I want to widen my fan base and get to the grassroots. God help me. God help us all as the year is drawing to an end.

Princess Chineke

Princess Chineke


Beacon Models Ltd

Yes, we are inching towards our set target. We all know 2014 is a year with numerous socio-economic challenges.

It’s natural to be optimistic in respect of our expectations for the remaining part of the year.

Demola Adunola

Demola Adunola


2014 has been so difficult business wise. But I thank God I am still coping. I would have achieved all my targets for the year but the economy is not helping matters. We’re only trying to see what more we can do before the year runs out. And that’s the reason we’re working harder to surpass our previous record.

Our expectation before the end of the year is to ensure we touch all the areas we’re unable to touch in the last 11 months and find a way of satisfying our clients the more because they are the reason we are in business.

We’re organizing an appreciation party for them as well. We thank them and God for keeping us in business.

Christianah Amodeni

Christianah Amodeni


Destiny Homelinks

No, because most of these politicians are busy embezzling our money in the pursuit of their political ambition. By doing that, they are not allowing money to circulate.

I thank God and grateful to the Almighty because many still wish to be where I am. An appreciable percentage of my profit is still stuck outside, but I pray next year will be better and profitable. I expect more profit and customers because we are in the festive season and this is the period we get jobs.

Sorunke Anthony

Sorunke Anthony


Nero Collections

I won’t say I achieved my target, but I can confidently tell you that I am not where I was before. I have advanced greatly and achieved some of my setout goals.

My business has advanced greatly, it is moving forward and growing big but I believe there is still room for expansion and growth to make it a bigger enterprise. These would be achieved through access to loans and grants enabling the growth of my business.

My expectations for the next year are to have a big show room, make my clothing line bigger, publish my works in magazines, do more fashion shows and exhibitions. Increase production and sales.

Uzor Ngoladi

Uzor Ngoladi


Media Strategia Blast Ltd

Not really, but we are getting there pretty soon. Business has been good, though quite challenging. We expect to have the last laugh.


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