Entrepreneurs give six months appraisal of their businesses


As the first half of the year 2014 winds up, entrepreneurs are divided over how business has been good to them. Some said they made a lot of headway business-wise in this period, while others are yet to come to terms with their target.

This is how the few entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to assessed the first half of 2014 and projected for the remaining half of the year… 

Maryam Elisha

Maryam Elisha


Business has been very profitable and we have every reason to thank God Almighty. Yes, we’ve gone beyond our target. Rikaoto is growing stronger and stronger. And we give God all the glory.

We expect to do better in the remaining part of the year.


Princess Chineke

Princess Chineke

PRINCESS CHINEKE, Beacon Nigeria Limited

We have every reason to say the first half of the year has been good. We are still working on that. But like I said, we have no reason to complain.

Beacon’s diversification drive will continue as we delve into other business activities. We expect to see this manifest clearly in the next six months.

Toyin Kolade

Toyin Kolade


Since the beginning of 2014, we have been doing well in all our lines of business. The first half of the year was okay. It has been a wonderful time for us at Fisolak Global Resources Limited. God has been with us.

Definitely, one cannot meet all the targets for the period, but with the level of our achievement so far, we thank God. Our projection for the second half of the year is to consolidate on our performances so that we can move to the next level.


Ogbunbekun Tunmise

Ogbunbekun Tunmise


Business has been moving well, despite the challenges. Electricity has always been a challenge, and it is really telling on the business.

We were able to meet some of our set targets, not all, though. In the second half, it is just to update myself to provide better services.


Bethel Njoku

Bethel Njoku

BETHEL NJOKU, Handcuffs Entertainment

I would say my business development this year is still in motion. Doing business in Nigeria goes beyond the birth marks of business. Government policies, security challenges, uncertainties are factors that affect my kind of business. As a service provider, my clients listen to the pulse of these factors before they can get us busy. So, I would say it’s been moving like the tides.

I must be sincere, I have not met my target. But my principle is that, I am my own competitor.

So, within my own standards I would say I have not, but there’s room for improvement. Making projections are normal but the environment determines the direction of the projections. We have planned, let’s watch what the state’s policies are and how healthy it’s going to be on our business. If politicians hit up the polity and yawa burst, it will no longer be a joke!

Demola Adunola

Demola Adunola


The assessment of my business in the first half of this year is low. The set targets were not met. But we’re making a good projection into the second half of the year which begins in July. And I believe with more of innovation and customer-oriented services, everything is going to be better before the year runs out.


Toyin Oyedola

Toyin Oyedola

TOYIN OYEDOLA, Teetop Entertainment

Things are not what I expected, business was not quite good, but we thank God we are still alive. Not at all, no one can meet all his desired target in life. We are still on course with our dreams and aspirations for the year.   To continue with what we know how best to do, make more money and new friends.


Olubunmi Akinbulire

Olubunmi Akinbulire

OLUBUNMI AKINBULIRE, Heritage World Events

We thank God it could have been better than what we have.  No, we are still pushing on to reach our goal. To get more jobs, create more employment opportunities and make more money.




Things have really been slow this first quarter, I don’t really know the cause. However, I believe the security situation in the country contributed to it, attention is being paid to security sector more than other sectors. Nigeria is like a man who planned to travel by air, but ends up traveling by road. You know what that means?

I usually appraise my set target at the end of every year. That way, I will know what to include in my new target. I believe business will pick up in this second half of the year. Hopefully, the economy and security situation will normalize giving room for more business opportunities.

Tolulope Oye

TOLULOPE OYE, Blush en Brushes Makeovers

In the first half, we did quite a lot of advertising, mainly social media and signage. So, I’d say business was good. We were to meet our targets, not really all, but the major ones.

In the second half, I’m very positive. The makeup industry has quite a huge market. So, I’m looking forward to expanding within and outside Lagos. Also to create more awareness for my brand, Blush en Brushes.


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