Entrepreneurs lament worsening power supply

Business owners have protested the worsening power supply, while lamenting it’s killing business. Some of them who barred their mind on how this development is frustrating business urged the Federal Government to address the problem…


Power supply in this part of the country is very poor. It is frustrating and alarming. If I am to rate over a scale of 100, I will give not more than 10 percent.

The negative effect of the recent reduction in power supply in the country on my business cannot be over emphasised. We run two generators for much longer period. We can’t compare our income to the costly rate at which we run these generators. It is crazy, I bet you.


My business is going down because of poor power supply. I don’t know what is happening in this country anymore, business is not moving and customers are buying from me out of love. Please, government should do something about power supply in this country.


Electricity supply is still very poor at the moment and that has been affecting my business. At least I put on my generator set for not less than 10 hours in a day. At the end of the month, the profit goes into fueling the generator to ensure regular running of the business. Even when you get home, situation is still the same. We need the incoming government to concentrate on power sector. If that’s sorted out, every other thing will fall in place.


Electricity supply right now is nothing to write home about. It has really dropped to the extent that we run our generator in the office almost 24 hours a day. Even the amount spent on generator now per month is more than the salary of some workers.

And that has not really helped my business. We pray that the incoming government finds a lasting solution to the problem. All the promises of Jonathan-led administration concerning power sector has failed. We’re just paying heavy tariff without enjoying value for our money.


I would say, there has been a bit of improvement because before we never had a transformer not to talk of electricity but now a transformer has been installed and power supply has improved. Although not 100 percent but better.

It has affected my business because there was no electricity to power the freezer so I do not store my foods in the freezer which would result to waste at the end of the day. But now, things are better.

OLUSOLA OBASUYI, Ideal Technical Limited

I do not see the difference between the previous power supply and the new one. We still do not have electricity and run on generator.

I won’t quantify how it has affected my business but I know some of the profit I have made from each job, goes to buying fuel for the generator. This is not encouraging.


My assessment of power supply is very poor. The reduction in power supply has made the profit in business lower than it should be because you need to use alternative source of power which consumes money.

DOLAPO KENNY-JIDE, Labelle Affairs

It’s bad. It’s nothing to write home about. I’m just managing. I spend about N5,000 every week on powering the generator, that’s when I really use it. In other cases when I don’t really use it, I spend about N2,000 weekly.

SHIRELY IGWE, Shirlz Concepts Ltd.

It has been quite challenging here. We don’t really know what’s going on. We have not seen light (power) since this week. It’s so terrible. We now depend largerly on generator which is quite expensive to maintain.

LAWRENCE ONWUKWEM, Lawrence & Company

Power is now a big issue in this part of the word. We hardly see any sign of it these days. And this has badly affected business. We are on diesel 24 hours. We spend almost N5,000 per day. It has not been easy, at all.

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