The greatest and best business lesson I learnt in 2013 was just all about separating my personal life from business. For so many years I had run my ventures, little did I realize that the principle of separating one’s personal life from that of business is very important that I learnt to start implementing in my business since last year. And I have been achieving a more organized and prosperous business life. I will still apply it better in my business this year.



The best business lesson learnt in 2013 was to be focused. I learnt not to mix social life with business. To be honest, it has been paying off. I am consolidating on that this year so that I can earn a better reward in my business this year and years ahead.


ADAEZE OYEDOLA – Too Hot and Spicy Events

Strive to be the best by offering quality services all the time. Irrespective of the big names in business, always do your best and leave the rest to God. In the course of doing business in 2013, there were jobs I handled that I never thought I could do at all. With God and a good team, we delivered.

I will apply all these that I have learnt to increase quality service delivery in 2014.


OLABISI ADEEKO – Bisiano Signatures

I have learnt not to trust customers the way they appear because in 2013, a lot of them walked away with my money. I also learnt that if I put all my energy in this business, I would be at the top.

I still have to be friendly with my customers but I would also make them realize that whatever they are buying, they must come with the money. Also never mix friendship or family with business.


TOKUNBO AKINBOBOLA – Akinbobola Properties Limited

Consistency. To be consistent in all I do, be there to solve problems of our clients. In 2013, we got referrals from our clients because of what we do. To do my best in providing quality services at all times.

I will definitely apply these lessons in my business this year.


CHRISTIANAH AMODENI – Destiny Homelinks Caterers

I have learnt never to trust my clients and also my staff when it comes to money affairs because once money is involved they start playing pranks and tell all sorts of lies.

This is a year to make them know and understand that business is strictly business, no more selfish attitudes. When I do my assignments I get paid immediately.


BUNMI ADEKUNLE – Hephizah Boutique

The greatest lesson was never to deliver my products on credit. I have discovered that it’s having an adverse effect on my business. I will be strict about payments this year.


FEMI ADENIYI – Israel Group of Schools

The greatest lesson was never to have absolute trust in people. Debt profile of parents has risen and it’s affecting my business. This year, it will be strictly on business.


LAWRENCE ONWUKWEM – Lawrence and Company Limited

The biggest business lesson I learnt in 2013 was being consistent even when I was not making big profit in a particular business. Much of that approach to business would continue this year while we hope to break new grounds and make huge profits.


OMAH IFEOMA AREH – WildFlower PR & Coy

I learnt quite a few lessons in 2013, the biggest of which is that you can’t run a profitable business on passion, expertise and goodwill. Finance is crucial.

Ensuring that clients keep to the financial end of the deal and also educating the clients that they have to pay well for the value provided.


TESSY ANIESI – Tessy Entertainment

I learnt that embracing the social media is key to business growth in our sector. We don’t intend to change this model in 2014. In fact, we are even deploying more hands in this direction.



I learnt so many lessons. The one that touched me most was going ahead to do costume for a client and the person did not pay eventually. I also trusted artisans too much last year.

Any order I am taking this year, the client must pay 80 percent deposit before I can go ahead with the work. I have also made up my mind to work with any artisan I see.



My biggest lesson is that customer’s satisfaction is the ultimate in my line of business because their recommendations and referrals matter a lot.

I would go the extra mile this year to make sure every customer leaves with a big smile.


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