Entrepreneurs on Buhari’s slowness (2)

When President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn-in on Friday, May 29, 2015, many Nigerians who saw him as a magician expected him to hit the ground running. But to their dismay, he is even yet to appoint his ministers.

To some entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views on this, Buhari’s slowness in this aspect has been taking a toll on their various businesses. So, they advised he should step up the game.



Personally, I don’t think this new government is as slow as people are portraying it. In as much as Mr. President may be trying to not do things in too much haste so as not to make expensive mistakes, I believe he still needs to move a little faster, so he can achieve a lot within the not so much time he has.



I believe we are going places because Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nigeria’s problem is enormous so it takes a great deal to tackle each problem. Business is slow truly but it’s not down so, when all this policy making comes to past we will all enjoy it at the long run.

I will advise him not to be distracted. He should be focused, he should try to make Nigeria a better place.



Buhari’s slowness is good. Personally, I am okay with it, and it’s not affecting my business. I believe slow and steady wins the race. Those who are criticizing him are those that don’t want the nation to move forward.

We shouldn’t push him to do what we will all regret in the end. He is a focused President and he truly understands what he is doing. We should exercise patience if we want anything good out of this administration.



I agree with the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari is slow, but his type of slowness has a positive reward. And I am very sure of that. What we’re experiencing at the moment is a kind of sacrifice we all need. If truly we want change for our country, patience has to come with it. We shouldn’t be in a hurry. We all need to work on our impatience as Nigerans because we like rushing too much and that has affected every aspect of our lives.

We should leave the man alone. He should be allowed to take his time in selecting better hands to work with so that we won’t jump from frying pan to fire. Buhari is a man of integrity. And for a collapsed building, it can’t take a day or two to put it together. Left to me, I believe in his fight against corruption and it’s already yielding the desired fruits. So, we should all pray for him so that he can take us to the promise land.



Yes, it has impacted business and that’s especially in the area of business development. Since we are not sure of the economic policies or personalities that will shape his government, we can’t just reinvest. On our part, we can’t be wholly speculative and apply guesswork, this is business. So, there’s this apprehension and everyone is being careful.

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