Entrepreneurs on factors that determine their staff strength

What factors do you consider before you hire or fire staff? That was the big question we asked business owners this week. And these are their views…

Jide Onakoya

Jide Onakoya


My current staff strength is the fact they have strong leadership, clear key performance indicators, they are valued, their voices are heard, the aims and objectives are clear.

The team is also very diverse, their skill is known and this creates rounded balance that any difficulty or crisis they have a back-up plan or someone to tap into.

My staff strength is determined by my service delivery. This is tested by meeting service target, staff growth and retention, stakeholders feedback, customer satisfaction surveys, keeping up with the economic changes.

There is a relationship between staff strength and productivity, as my staff are highly skilled through their own knowledge, organization training and development, PDRS, direct observation, monthly supervision, briefings and update as to where the service is heading and there are role and responsibilities in these.

Lawrence Onuzulike

Lawrence Onuzulike


Our current permanent staff strength in Nigeria and Sweden is 15. I used the word permanent because we outsource a lot of work and we employ temporary staffers depending on the project we are executing.

Most organizations refer to the number of staff they have when asked for staff strength which I think is correct, but there are many others that play vital roles in the organization that may not be directly employed  by the organization. And the capability, not just the quantity of staff in a company matters a lot too.

I sincerely believe that in most cases, staff strength is directly proportional to productivity. Again, this is not just in terms of quantity of staff.

ANITA AJAYI, A-Beta Entertainment & Events

We are five presently. Staff strength is basically determined by productivity. The scope of your business and the returns or profits should be considered before engaging extra labour.

For every extra labour is equal to payment in form of wages or salaries. So, there is no point engaging so many hands if you can’t pay them or don’t have need of them.

Sometimes, we just don’t tell ourselves as CEO/MD’s like receiving and returning calls, a lot of us fall short in this aspect. Personally, in my kind of business and any handiwork, I get personal with clients. That way, I can tell where, how to make adjustments.

There is a serious relationship between staff strength and productivity. Mathematically, staff strength is directly relational to productivity. For instance, two staff equals to two tasks. As long as they are hard working and bring result.

SHINA BELLO, Arnad Properties & Homes

My current staff strength is five. I believe staff strength is usually determined by the kind of business because that is the basis of my staff strength. Of course, there is. Your staff strength affects your productivity.

Toyin Oyedola

Toyin Oyedola

TOYIN OYEDOLA, Teetop Entertainment

My staff strength is three (two boys and a girl). The boys follow me for shows while the girl works as my receptionist. If I have two or three jobs at the same time, I delegate other two boys there while I attend to the other one. Those are the ones that I need for my business to go on smoothly.

Yes, there is a relationship between staff strength and productivity because I can’t do all the work all alone. I have to recruit to reduce my work load.


We have 10 staffers. Our staff strength is determined by how much we can pay and the volume of job at hand. For us, we seem to do more with less, especially when we apply technology.


We have about five direct staff and scores of contract staffers. We employ more when more jobs come. Yes, there is a relationship between staff strength and productivity. When we’ve got a lot of orders and we employ more hand, we definitely deliver more.

REMI MICHAEL, Mic Prefab Concepts

My current staff strength is three. My staff strength is determined by my kind of business and income. There is a relationship between staff strength and productivity. It matters a lot because your staff strength determines your level of productivity.

LANRE AKINYEMI, Product 7 Clothings

I have four staff working for me at the moment. I determine staff I need at a time according to the work at hand. The four I have are permanent. I require more hands sometimes when I have more jobs.

There is a relationship between staff strength and productivity. We are in the end of the year when jobs will be coming in torrents. I share responsibilities because I can’t do it alone.

Mr. Latin

Mr. Latin


For now, I have close to 20 people working with me, and they are all doing well. The truth of the matter is that each staffer is employed based on the area of competence. That’s where I know you can deliver.

However, it is not all the time that staff strength correlates with productivity. Sometimes you have less figure, and they will deliver. It depends on what exactly you want to achieve as an entrepreneur.

OMA IFEOMA AREH, WildFlower PR & Coy

In total, we have 5 full-time staff. The amount of work we get and the speed of qualitative output.

Yes, there is but the keyword is quality and skill. When your business begins to expand, your staff strength ought to follow as well. However, numbers are not exactly the issue here but the quality of work they can put out in a limited number of times.

Dewunmi Odukoya

Dewunmi Odukoya

DEWUNMI ODUKOYA, Legendary Wears

I can quality my staff strength at seven. I determine staff strength on my personal assessment on test scale to determine how strong and how weak they are. In order to know what area they fit best to enhance productivity.

Yes, because your staff strength determines your productivity, that’s the relationship between staff strength and productivity.

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