Entrepreneurs on how election fever is hurting business (2)

The forthcoming general elections has really affected business as Nigerians are not sure of what would happen next. And with air of uncertainty parading the polity, we asked business owners how they are coping with election fever….



Ayo Balogun

Ayo Balogun

The elections preparation is seriously affecting me as an entertainer, especially now that the whole exercise has been postponed and engagements cancelled because of election. Another date fixed, still couldn’t hold because it falls on election day again going by the new timetable.

Also, people are afraid of choosing dates for their events because of fear of the unknown. Much as we know, there will be time for change in power, the change in the date is not making us smile but we can only pray for our beloved country that all will go well at the end of it all.



Toyin Kolade

Toyin Kolade

Yes, preparations for elections has been affecting our business because since campaign started, the naira has been further devalued.

Now, it’s over N200 to US dollar. And when such happens, it worsens the economy. Also, the price per barrel of crude oil has also gone down badly. Those two factors are affecting business and they are happening when Nigeria is warming up for its general elections. But in all, we thank God we’re coping. Though it’s not easy at al, we cope by not operating beyond our limit.



Adesola Ede

Adesola Ede

Cream It All Confectionaries

Yes, it has affected me drastically because people were no longer booking orders for cakes. But since the postponement, so many people have been booking and jobs are coming.

It is all about time management and I am grateful to God, we are coping well.



Tesslo Concept

Tessy Oliseh

Tessy Oliseh

We bless God, business is as usual. Just that people traveled not knowing the election has been postponed, but thank God the orders are coming in. It is not totally bad, we still get orders despite that.




Shirlz Mega Concept Nig. Ltd.

Shirley Igwe

Shirley Igwe

Yes, elections fever is seriously affecting business. Clients are really apprehensive and afraid of what would happen next. We hope the Federal Government reassures Nigerians and the world at large that their investments are safe.



Precious Kalu

Precious Kalu

Precious Boutique

The anxiety in the polity is affecting everything. Since the beginning of this month, business has been very slow. And even those who buy things will promise to pay after the election. It is very bad! Let them just do this election and let us rest.



Face Talk

It has not affected me much but there are many weddings that have been postponed due to the elections which is affecting my business. As a make-up artiste, I have to pray for jobs.

I just need to remain very positive and hope for a change.



Bisiano Signatures

Customers are not coming. The shop is full and there is no one to buy my goods unlike last year when the shop was almost empty and people were trooping in and out of my shop.

We are coping well. I thank God this far, and I am happy.



Uzor Ngoladi

Uzor Ngoladi

Stategia Media Blast

Politics is killing business. If you talk to a client now, he tells you to wait till after the elections. Of course, this has slowed down business.  But we are not complaining, knowing it would come to pass and business would rebound.




Stage Craft

It has not affected my business in any way, the election will rather enhance my business. I am a media practitioner a lot of business will flourish during this period. We are coping, but we pray they extend it to us as well.

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