Entrepreneurs on how election fever is hurting business

The forthcoming general elections has really affected business as Nigerians are not sure of what would happen next. And with air of uncertainty parading the polity, we asked business owners how they are coping with election fever….


Preparation for the elections is making clients wary of spending money as they claim they don’t know what is going to happen. And some clients have travelled out hoping to come back after the elections.

I am coping well because we do delivery anywhere and some of my clients need our services regardless of the election fever.

So, it has been okay, but usually, Valentine period always brings sales boom but it’s not really like that this period.

DEWUNMI ODUKOYA, Legendary Wears

It has in lots of ways, customers are uncertain of the condition of things due to the coming election. So, there isn’t a lot of patronage and demand for products and services.

By adjusting to the situation and hoping everything gets back to normal as they were (patronage) and sales.


No doubt, the preparation for the election has been affecting people’s turn out and spending. There is a lot of apprehension in the land. People are panicking because of the fragile security situation of the country. And with the elections around the corner, security is being threatened the more.

People don’t feel safe. A lot of people don’t even want to stay in the country again. But we have been talking to our clients concerning the elections. We have told them not to panic again. They should stay calm and shun violence because we can’t afford to lose them.

They are the reason we’re in business. We are surely coping and we’re also doing everything possible to ensure adequate security in our environment. We believe by the special grace of God, there won’t be any problem.


The election year has not affected us in any negative sense, since we are in the hospitality sector. So, more politicians and their supporters even patronize us more now than before.

We are coping fine to be honest. The election will come and go.


Preparation for elections has really affected business. A lot of people had to hasten their event before elections, so business is a bit slow.

Since it is not only catering business I am doing, I have other business I also run a canteen.


Preparations for elections have not really affected my business. The fear that there may be violence during and after elections is the reason people are buying food stuffs, instead of wears. Also, it’s expected that elections would hold on Valentine’s Day as fixed but now that INEC has shifted it, we still have the hope of selling our Valentine dresses.


Preparation for the general elections is really affecting my business. And I am very sure is not peculiar to the nature of any business. It’s a general thing. People live in fear and doubt about the election. A lot of people don’t spend their money anyhow again.

They want to see what will happen during and after the elections. But I am also trying to adjust to the situation by reducing my investment on the business at the moment. Even, presidential election coming up on February 14, 2015, has also crippled my business because a lot of items that, ordinarily, lovers would have bought and given out as gifts that day may be abandoned due to the election. It’s certain that there won’t be much celebration that day. But in all, God is in charge.

LAWRENCE ONWUKWEM, Lawrence and Company Limited

Business is not without its challenges as clients are waiting for the outcome of the February 14 general election. We are not complaining because the election will come and go.


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