Entrepreneurs on secrets of business success

There are values business owners must cultivate to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

And they revealed a few of them in continuation of our series…


Planning is the first thing. As they rightly say, who fails to plan is only planning to fail. Competent hands are essential too as quality services must be ensured. One needs to know that sentiment is not a friend of any successful business. Endurance also plays a vital role as things may not be exactly the way you plan them. Regular assessment must be considered while one has to always seek consumers’ opinions. In all, planning is the most important of all ingredients that guarantee business success. And above all, prayer must be added.

OLABISI ADEEKO, Bisaino Signatures

You must be passionate about what you are doing to succeed. You must also learn to reach out to people because it will determine how your customers will patronise you.

it does not really need to be cultivated because for you to start up a business, you must have the push and zeal for it. But for first timers, they only need to give it a try.

LARRY KING, Kings Furniture

The location of your business is very important in the sense that when you have a business that is close to your customers, you will be successful. You must be consistent in your business. Have what people need at a particular time.

You must be committed to a particular business you’re doing and be persistent with your customer’s so that they can get your trust.

OLUWAYEMI ATINUKE, Saint Andrews Pharmacy

The ingredients of business success are perseverance, hard work and taking advantage of opportunities as they surface. Hard work is all it takes to make these values work.


For any business to be successful, there is need for adequate planning. And as an entrepreneur, you must always be focused and ensure you conduct a regular check to know whether the business is moving forward or not. One must constantly put customers first and create a kind of feedback mechanism to assess whether such services meet the desired standard. To cultivate all these, one needs to be focused and committed to the business.

DEJI SOWANDE, Large House Studios

The major ingredients to make a success in music video production sector are creativity, working within budget, commitment and focus. As an entrepreneur, you should hold on strongly to these ideals. This is the only way those working with you can key in and carry out their duties. At Large House Studios, our target is creating exceptional music videos with all the artistes that work with us, and I am talking about known names in the industry like Phyno, Don Jazzy, Sean Tizzle, Omawumi, who we have worked with to make exceptional videos. So, for every work we do, it’s all about being creative, organizing and connecting all the dots to satisfy our people.

You have to be serious with details, that’s the only way these ideals can be cultivated. As a music video producer, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to get the best. That’s why mediocre cannot fit into this industry. I have cultivated the habit of doing things to the finest, that way I am satisfied, my clients are satisfied too.

PAUL, Romeo Investment

The ingredient of business success is the capital, intellectual knowledge and skills. You must put your basic knowledge and skill together in any business you’re doing.

The capital is very important in any business. You must have good manners towards your customers.

FOLAKE SHOMUYIWA, Shomuyiwa Publications

To be successful, you have to work hard and go the extra mile. It’s a gradual process.  With consistency one will get there.


I will say innovation and motivation. My business requires me to come up with new items that can enliven the excitement and commitment of parents to take care of their kids. They are offered a range of products that make child care not only easy, but worth it. And the thing that drives me to want to go the extra mile to offer to them things our competitors don’t offer stands us out. As the owner of the business, you also have to be innovative in how you use the social media to drive sales and do things uniquely in a tightly contested industry.

You can cultivate this by having passion for what you do. You have to also transfer the passion to those working with you. My routine is to ensure that I add value to my business, not necessarily financial value, but ideas for the future. We are in an industry that strives to achieve sound growth of the young minds, so the products you offer should always be up to standard.

SHIRLEY IGWE, Shirlz Mega Concepts Ltd

I don’ joke with integrity, dedication to customers and giving back to society. All of these drive my business. You can’t work with me and do otherwise. This way, cultivating these basic principles becomes a must at Shirlz Ltd.


The basic ingredients of business success are integrity, passion and prudence. Cultivating them is a must because these values are very essential our organization. And what we did at MISH is to integrate them into our credo.


My main ingredient of success is God. For me, that’s very key. Also, buying good quality products. There’s no substitute for that, give your customers good quality. In addition, be courteous in the way you treat your customers, they are the reasons we are in business. No customers, no business.

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