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Entrepreneurs on their frustrations and what it takes to do business in Nigeria (2)

It’s obvious there are lots of frustrations in Nigeria right now, and these have affected the workings of the country as a whole.

Some entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views on this also confirmed the unpalatable situation.

They also explained how difficult it is running their businesses at the moment…



My frustrations are when there is bad traffic and I need to get to work. When there is fuel scarcity, you can’t sleep well because there isn’t electricity but you still have to work the following day. Sometimes, you will get to your place of work in time but one of these factors is holding down some of your crew. I cal all these Nigerian factors because of the situation the country is in now. The only way I sort things out is leaving home earlier than normal so as to get to my destination at the appropriate time and get more hands to avoid disappointment (s) but this means paying more overhead. But in all, I still give glory to God that I am able to cope.

I still strongly believe that things will come back to normal soon. It’s just a matter of time and patience.



There are frustrations here and there but in every circumstance, one needs to be thankful to God. Almost everything that’s supposed to work for business growth and development is working against it now. Is it the poor electricity supply or fuel scarcity that has become a national disaster? I am fed up as a business person but as a human being, I thank God for life. I believe maybe later in the year, the situation will improve for the better.



We don’t need to be mentioning frustrations again. I think what we need is how to overcome them because most of these frustrations we’re experiencing keep coming no matter what the government claims it’s doing about them. So, we should just know how to find a way around the whole situation and move forward. If not, fuel scarcity, it will be power supply, heavy traffic here and there due to poor roads and more. So, we need prayer for us to cope well.



There are many frustrations in the land affecting businesses here and there, not only mine. First, there is no stable power supply, fuel has now become everyday scarce commodity and many others. So, how can a business survive under this kind of situation? But one thing I know is that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I know for sure that President Buhari means well for Nigerians but it will only take time to materialize. I am coping by restricting my spending to key issues now.



There are lots of frustration one goes through now as an entrepreneur. I find it difficult to understand what is happening at times. Today, there is no light, tomorrow, it’s fuel scarcity and all that. And when you manage to get your car fueled, the whole fuel is exhausted in traffic. Even, you as a person also get exhausted.

So, there is real fire on the mountain at the moment. I can’t even get some of my goods imported again because of the skyrocketing exchange rate which has paralysed the economy. I think the only hope we have now is that maybe at the end of all we’re going to have a kind of relief that will bring back our economy to proper shape with faith. It’s only that I have cut my budget down. But when things pick up again, I may switch back to my usual way of doing things.

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