Entrepreneurs on their target and plans for the new year (2)

Every entrepreneur is faced with the challenge of improving products and/or service delivery to better serve customers at the turn of every year. We spoke with some and they explained how they’d tackle it…


DAMILARE OKE, Toosh Couture

My target for 2016 is to produce seamless products that will affect human needs and deliver to my prospective clients door steps. My feasibility study for my own kind of business shows that most executive personnel and students needs more attention as to the kind of shoes they wear and the new trend in the fashion industry.

I intend to implement my target by creating more awareness so as to get more customers and also delivering my product to my customers door steps on time.



2015 actually started well, but since the new government took over at the middle of the year, all businesses have been suffering including mine. Even till now, we’re still trying to catch our breath. In addition to that exchange rate keeps skyrocketing, and that’s really affecting our business. So, I score 2015 low. But hopefully, 2016 will be better. I am really planning to diversify my business, I want multiple source of income so that I can continue to pay my workers well. With God, everything will play out successfully.



In 2016, we would work to see made in Nigeria shirts worn all over the world bought from Nigeria’s premier T-shirt hub. Our platform which brings together budding entrepreneurs to showcase their works of art using Tee shirts as a medium of expression. This year, we will also like to see many creative youths empowered and channel their creativity to make an income for themselves. The creativity sector can be explored to generate gainful employment and export African arts to the rest of the world. Our drive is to expand.

To achieve this, we will leverage on our growing social media which will allow us reach the prospective customers and merchants in the country and beyond.


ALLEN  TOKUNBO, Alley Photography

In 2016, I look to expand, participate in big photo shoots, fashion shows, pageants and exquisite red carpet events. The essence is to market what I do aggressively, because you can say you are good at what you do, but people are yet to identify you with it, I intend to build on the clients I have already worked with and satisfied to a great extent to open doors.

To achieve this, I intend to use various platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat and so on. Meanwhile, I will make myself more present at top events and give shoots that will wow clients and prospective ones.



2015 has come and gone. I give God the glory, especially for sparing my life and lives of those around me. Actually, in terms of business, it’s a general thing. The year was not actually super because the new administration inherited empty treasury from the former one. That’s why President Buhari is still spending most of his time in fighting corruption so that the government can get money to deliver on its promises. However, as an entrepreneur and entertainer, I would say the year was 60-40 in terms of positive and negative sides of it. Things picked up towards the end of the year. That’s when we actually had every reason to dance. I thank God for that.

Now, it’s 2016. We’re planning to ensure it’s better than 2015. I can’t really say this is exactly how everything is going to be but I believe things will be better by the special grace of God.


GRACE OLUWATAYO, La Cuisine Du Royale

My target is to make triple turnover of what I invested in my business and also get more customers. We intend to implement it by improving on my marketing strategies so as to reach more people and also increase our customers.



My target for 2016 is to expand my business, get new customers and of course, make more income. By working hard, stocking my shop with new arrivals and nice chic clothes. These will attract customers.



I plan to advertise more this year because it will help boost productivity. Strategise new marketing techniques, no procrastination, and all will fall in place.

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