Entrepreneurs on their target and plans for the new year (3)

Every entrepreneur is faced with the challenge of improving products and/or service delivery to better serve customers at the turn of every year. We spoke with some and they explained how they’d tackle it…



2015 was somehow because government policies have not been favourable to virtually all businesses. But I believe it’s all for the good for the masses and Nigeria as a country. If we can exercise patience and listen to what the government is saying, we’re all going to enjoy better.

2015 really affected my business, but now, and with the stability of the government in power, we should be able to attain greater height soon. My plans for 2016 are basically to expand my business, create more avenues through which I can serve the community and the people of Ojokoro more and ensure better services for my numerous clients from far and near.

I am planning towards all these and I am sure they will all work out by the grace of God because anybody who fails to plan only plans to fail.



I give thanks to Almighty Allah for my career and business in 2015. Although things might not be that rosy throughout the year, Alhamdulillahi, I was among those that were blessed. So, I need to be grateful to Him. But this year, I have great plans for myself. I am planning to commission my hotel, hopefully in March, launch new equipment and release two of my new movies. I am working towards these and I am optimistic that everything is going to work out fine because I believe in God. And with God, all things are possible.



Maxi Focus

My target for this year is to get a new camera and lights, then connect with professional photographers around. Also, get people to know about my ability.

I intend doing this through saving and outsourcing, making myself accessible, friendly and hardworking. I also intend to do more of free jobs between January and March to make people know my capability.



Fantasy Land

2015 was a challenging year, both personally and in my business which delayed some of my plans. It was a year of lessons, I discovered my core strengths and weaknesses. Overall, it wasn’t a bad year.

This year, I have loads of plans. I plan to stage entertainment programmes for both children (on children’s day) and adults. Also, I’m planning an empowerment programme and I’ll be partnering banks, especially micro finance banks to achieve that. I’m working on my proposals and I’ve started talking to few people.

I also plan to get more hands this year to cater for the expansion.



Lynmaks Beauty Centre

Left to me, I would say 2015 was better compared to the present situation. In 2015, business was slow but good because you got back as much as you gave to clients. In 2016, I planned to expand my African clothings by making them in large quantities and sent to our brothers and sisters abroad but I can’t do that anymore because of what is happening in the country. Everybody is complaining, no money, no food and all that. So, this year, business is not just slow, the truth is that it’s not moving at all because there is no money in circulation.

Everywhere is just dry. A customer once said to me this year, “’I would eat first before thinking of coming to buy hair or clothes”.  So, with all these we’re experiencing now, even if you get a bigger plan for yourself, how would you execute it? So, as it’s now, I don’t want to trouble myself anymore until things get better. Imagine a dollar now goes for as much as N306. So, how are we going to cope?



We thank God for all that we’re able to achieve in 2015. Not that the year was that favourable business wise, but in every situation, there is always every reason to appreciate God. This year, I plan to move forward and do more to boost my business and career as an entertainer and master of ceremonies (MC). Also, I plan big for my foundation by doing everything necessary to touch the lives of people. I believe 2016 is going to be a fulfilling year for me.



The Bael Services Limited

2015 was actually a great year business wise, I really don’t have so much to complain about. Generally, it was a great year, but things took a different turn when the exchange rate began to go bad against the naira. I have loads of plans for 2016 and will execute them accordingly, but the plans are business secrets that I wouldn’t want to unveil yet until the appointed time.



X5 Media Concepts

Business was fine except during fuel scarcity. Fuel is the energy that drives small scale businesses. When there is no fuel and no power, there is not much you can do. But I was able to attain 70 percent of my goals. This year, I want to extend my customer base and I’ll achieve that by venturing into other designs.



2015 was just somehow business wise. My business started a little well at the beginning of the year, hoping that things will move forward. But the reverse became the case towards the middle of the year, especially when the government changed.

Since then, the whole thing has crashed. The economy is nothing to write home about. Manufacturers can’t supply us goods anymore on credit. And those that patronize us could no longer afford to pay for our services. Everybody was just complaining of lack of money. So, the state of the economy in 2015 really affected our business. But I thank God for life. And at the same time, 2015 was the year I had more apprentices than ever, so, I need to appreciate God for that.

This year, my plan is to expand my business by including spa, waxing, body exfoliation and bead making. I also want to create a new department for beauty academy, give lectures both in theory and practice to my students both old and new intakes, now that I have more hands. I believe with God all things are possible.

And as such, I will talk to external lecturers that will be handling that. I believe in doing something unique and insha Allah, all my plans will materialize this year.



I plan to advertise more this year because it will help boost productivity. Strategy is new marketing techniques, No procrastination, and all will fall in place.



Dynamic wears

My target is to know what the customers want and also to boost my sales so as to make profit and more income than last year. I intend to implement it by having more goods available, to give major customers of little discount on sales and also to spend more on advertisement.



In 2015, my career was on a low side largely due to the poor economic situation the country experienced, but I thank God for everything. What’s important is for one to be alive and in sound health. I believe 2016 is going to be my year, by the grace of God.

Already, I have beautiful plans concerning my career this year, and I am working towards executing them. Although, it’s going to be a gradual process, I am sure all will turn out successful before the year runs out.

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